Saturday, August 20, 2011

     I really haven't heard of Fitflop until just recently. I remember seeing them on displays at different malls and some of their designs certainly captured my attention but I have to admit that I never tried on any because I thought they're a bit expensive. I was thinking I could already buy a pair of decent shoes instead. So I went around by passing each and every pair that caught my attention. But when I realized I needed comfortable footwear that can fit with any dress on my trip to Singapore next month, I reconsidered and tried looking for Fitflop on ebay. Well, there were many designs to choose from and they cost way cheaper than the original ones. But when I went to SM North this afternoon and saw this..

... I couldn't just turn away and get out of the store empty handed. Especially when I tried it on, it felt so right on my feet. Okay, I know I've been ranting about this for a long time but seriously, though I feel that I have been defending my impulsiveness since I started writing this review, I believe I have made a reasonable purchase.. :) 

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