My very own SIGMA!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

     I've been eager to get my hands on this baby for the past months and it's finally here!!! My very own SIGMA premium travel kit. Pictures first before the story of my long agonizing wait.. :)

The complete set: brochures, free gift, brush set with pouch

The brush kit was in this pink net drawstring pouch

Sigma premium travel kit 

Opened Sigma premium travel kit 

Sigma premium travel kit with flap open

7 AWESOME Sigma brushes

Freebie!!! Sigma blending brush E25

The entire deal.. :)

ORDER YOURS NOW!!! Click on the pic above.

     I can't begin to describe how I felt when I got this from the post office this afternoon. Finally, after the very long wait.. months of looking at different sites and blogs for reviews on the best and reasonably priced brush kits.. 4 weeks of waiting for the shipment to arrive.. Well, I have to say that it was worth the wait.. I love the brushes, carefully packed and placed in the pouch. Each one in its' own plastic cover. The bristles are so soft and they really smell good.. at least for me. The kit is everything I have hoped it would be. I love the pink metallic color of the entire collection. I also love the free brush they threw in, blending brush E25. I have never purchased a brush kit and it's really a good thing I never did and waited until today. :)

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