OLAY: Regenerist eye make-up remover PLUS!

Monday, August 8, 2011

      Well, for the past months since I got My Ipad2, I have enjoyed using it so much that I haven't used my laptop. The Ipad2 has lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. It was everything that I have hoped it would be and even more. What I love about Ipad2 are the added features that sets it apart from the first Ipad.. CAMERA, therefore allowing facetime, taking pictures & videos and uploading them anytime, anywhere on the web! Since I have been using this incredible gadget for months now, the ONLY problem I have encountered is maintaining the cleanliness of my pink smart cover.. I know, this sounds like a minor issue but if you use a certain gadget everyday, as often as or maybe more often than using your cellphone, it gets really dirty and therefore unsightly. So I searched the net for an answer to my problem.. What is the proper way of cleaning the Ipad2's smart cover. Several suggestions included using water with mild soap, alcohol, leather cleaner (the ones you use to clean leather car seats) and some even mentioned vinegar (???). I didn't do any of that. I figured apple must've thought of manufacturing a suitable cleanser of some sort for the smart cover. So I dropped by the apple store in Trinoma a week ago and asked if they do have such thing and the sales person told me that there's none and suggested to just clean it with soap and water. I didn't do that either. Then one time I was going through my skin care products, I came across my OLAY Regenerist eye make-up remover which I got as a freebie from my last purchase of Olay products. 

I only used it several times since I don't regularly wear eye make-up. I told myself I might as well use it to clean the smart cover. I used a square shaped cotton to apply it and a wet tissue to wipe off the excess. The end product was FABULOUS! It didn't take much rubbing to clean off the dirt. It dried so fast that I didn't need to wipe off the moisture. Overall, I am very much SATISFIED with the result. By the way, I also used this to clean my white philips earphones and I must say that it gave me the results I really wanted.

RATING: ****

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