The Power of TEA TREE

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

     For the past months, after residency, I have been experiencing break outs. Maybe due to hormonal changes or stress, but whatever the reasons are behind these unwanted pimples, what's important is how to get rid of them and prevent them from dominating my face. Well, pimples aren't new to me, I have been a victim during my teen-age years. It really got worse that my mom already brought me to a dermatologist. I had my face treated and I judiciously went to the clinic for treatment and after a few months, not only did my pimples clear but I had a healthier, fairer and more radiant complexion. So since then, I became very loyal to my dermatologist's products, from facial wash, toner, moisturizer and sunblock, all things I put on my face I bought from her line of products. There were even times when I tried on new commercial products I saw on advertisements but I never got the exact same results that I get from my derma. I always ended up going back to my old routine. So for more than 10 years now, I haven't had any pimple problems until 2 months ago. I started having pimple break outs on my face so I just continued the regimen I'm used to. But it seemed endless, one pimple would break out after another. Leaving dark pigments on my skin that don't heal as fast as they used to. Maybe because I'm aging and skin regeneration is slowing down on me. I felt so helpless, as helpless as I was years ago. So I started to look for ways to treat the pimples. I bought Clean and clear pimple treatment gel which really worked but not to the point of preventing other break outs. I hate the dark pigmented areas on my face after each pimple dries out. Also, I hate the fact that I need a spot corrector to get rid of the pimple marks. So I searched the net for products that will help me find a solution to all of my concerns. The answer came just in time when I received the email update from body shop. I browsed through their line of products to find out what they offer to those with pimple problems. Tea tree was the answer I got. So I went out and bought their starter kit which by the way was on sale at that time! Here are the products I bought:

Tea tree oil starter kit, all 4 products in a cute net-like green pouch

Tea tree skin clearing facial wash, toner, oil and lotion

Tea tree skin clearing facial wash (60ml): A refreshing daily gel-based facial wash to remove excess oil.

Tea tree skin clearing toner (60ml): 
A refreshing "shake to activate" toner with mattifying powders that effectively tone the skin and remove traces of impurities to leave skin looking matte.

Tea tree oil (10ml): A naturally infused, targeted solution to help clear blemishes quickly and effectively without overdrying the skin.

Tea tree skin clearing lotion (15ml): 
A lightweight moisturising lotion that contains powders to help absorb excess oil and control shine.

     I purchased this last week and I am now on my 5th day of using the entire line and I must admit, I am very much pleased with the results I am getting. I start off with cleansing my face using the facial wash, followed by the toner. Then I use the tea tree oil, applying a small amount on the blemish using a small cotton and finish off with the lotion all over my face in upward and outward stroking motions. On the first day, I felt tingly from using the toner and the concentrated tea tree oil. It was bearable and lasted for only a few minutes. They smell like menthol when you use them which didn't bother me at all. I love the way body shop made this starter kit which is very useful and a great buy for those who are not yet sure what products to buy from the tea tree line. Well on the following days, I saw my face starting to clear up. The pimple marks were peeling off discreetly and appeared lighter. I felt a new pimple about to break out on my chin the other day, but when I applied the tea tree oil concentrate, it never appeared, as if nothing was there in the first place. Well, I have to admit that I never thought I would discover a new effective way of treating my pimple problems. I have never seen any other product that delivers what it promises. The Body shop Tea Tree line truly gives the results it promises: visibly clearer and deep cleansed skin with reduced excess oil and unclogged pores without the harsh side effects of blemish-control products. All these results from the power of Body Shop's Tea Tree.


  1. hay, may comment pala! hehehe.. I can't remember how much but it was affordable. :)

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