Dashing Diva Experience

Monday, November 21, 2011

     I've heard about Dashing Diva nail salon in the past years and have seen their branch inside Beauty Bar Trinoma but never tried their services until last Friday. I wanted pampering since I felt like I deserve one after several weeks of not having a mani-pedi. I tried the most sought after (at least that's what the staff said) package they offer, SPOILED (Php 950) while the other 2 packages were BASIC (Php 650) and ALL-OUT (Php 1,500).

     The first thing I noticed about the place was the the girly ambiance. They have a long pink cushioned couch with small tubs that look like bathroom sinks (only a little bigger) across the edge where your feet can be dipped in. The thing that bothered me (same with other nail salons I've been to) was the lack of privacy between customers. There were no dividers or curtains that separate you from the others. Anyway, the clients were glued to their magazines most of the time so privacy wasn't at all an issue. The thing that separates them from the other salons was the free drink, choice of iced tea or a cosmopolitan! Not bad. They do massage your hands and feet but it only took a few minutes. They were more OC on cleaning, moisturizing and perfecting my nails. They applied different moisturizing creams for several times before and after cleaning the nails. After applying the nail color, they assisted me to a counter where you stick your hands and feet under a blow dryer which I thought was a no-no after having newly polished nails. The end result was more than satisfying, it was perfect! (Sorry for the image, I could't get a clear shot)

My nails were perfectly colored and dry! The texture remained flawless even after 4 days, the longest wearing polished nails I've had. As for the price, it's a bit more expensive than the other salons but if you're not a massage freak like me and you're after good quality service and satisfying results then this is the nail spa for you. I have already recommended this salon to friends and I am definitely coming back in the future.