OBAGI: Signature Facial Treatment

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

     While browsing the net last september, I stumbled upon a Groupon deal offered by the House of Obagi. They were offering their signature facial treatment for 50% off, from Php 3,500 down to Php 1,750. Knowing I couldn't get any other chance like it, I immediately succumbed to the offer and bought one.

     Two months after purchasing the voucher, I decided to avail of the offer and gave their Trinoma branch a call for reservations. The attendant I spoke to was very accomodating and was suggesting the best possible time for me to visit their clinic. She immediately confirmed that I was on their list and can drop by the next morning with the voucher.

     On the day of my treatment, they made me fill up an information sheet and in less than 5 minutes I was being lead to one of their treatment rooms. The room, as expected, was impressive. It was quite small but cozy and very private. Miss Julie, the nurse who assisted me, was very nice and made sure I was comfortable. Unlike in other skin care clinics, they didn't ask me to wash my face clean before the procedure though I came in prepared without any make up on, just a thin layer of sunblock on my face. When the treatment started, I realized why they didn't ask me to wash my face before the procedure, because they do the cleaning for you. They massaged my face for what seemed like forever with different Obagi products. Miss Julie was telling me what the products were before each application. Then came the most dreadful part of all skin cleaning procedures, the acne surgery. She was telling me how the procedure may be painful but I assured her I was prepared. True enough the acne surgery made me teary eyed but over all, the pain wasn't different from the last procedures I had. What I did like about it was the equally long facial massage and application of different Obagi products including vitamin C and a moisturizer with spf 30. They also used a machine which visibly reduced my skin's redness due to the surgery. In effect, my face wasn't too flushed or swollen after the procedure. Another thing I found unique with their service was the arm massage while waiting for my face to dry up. Finally, after the treatment, they didn't woo me into buying their products and suggested a skin consult with their in-house Dermatologist (which comes free with any procedure). The reason why they don't sell the products directly to clients is that the Dermatologists are the only ones authorized to prescribe them after examining your skin's condition. I find this very impressive and it definitely sets them far apart from many other skincare clinics who freely dispense skin products without an expert opinion.

     My experience with Obagi has been heavenly and though it was still expensive despite the 50% discount, the service they offered was worth every penny they charged. I may not be coming back often but I will certainly return when I feel the need to pamper myself with the best quality service, the Obagi way.


  1. Facelift Surgery usually requires a general anaesthetic to administer so that you will not be asleep throughout the procedure.

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  2. Sorry about that PeerMurphy, I was pertaining to acne surgery and didn't intend on misleading anyone. Thanks!