Some Vouchers DO SUCK!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

     I know by now most of you have heard of or purchased vouchers from websites like Ensogo, Cashcashpinoy, Groupon, Metrodeal and many more. I for one have been an avid follower and client of such sites since October 2010. Initially I was very hesitant to try it but when I found a very good deal on Ensogo with a skincare clinic I know and have trusted for eternity (YSA Skincare Center), I went ahead with my first voucher purchase. 

     The service I got from YSA was the same thing they do with regular clients. I'm sure of this 'cause I've been one since I was in college. This successful transaction gave me confidence in purchasing more vouchers but I kept my guard up on some deals offered by unfamiliar establishments. I was thinking, sooner or later, some of these deals are bound to suck. That day came when I bought a Metrodeal voucher featuring a Hydro Jet Facial Treatment at Skin U Love in Mother Ignacia Avenue, Q.C.  

     Scheduling an appointment wasn't at all a problem since their staff was accommodating on the phone. On the day of my visit, the staff immediately offered me an additional service of facial cleaning (as expected). She explained and insisted that facial cleaning was recommended before a hydro jet facial for best results. I just had facial cleaning with acne surgery 2 weeks prior and I really didn't like to have another that soon, especially in a clinic that I'm not familiar with, so I declined. But she kept on insisting which lead me to just tell her I didn't bring extra money. That was when they showed their true color. They were LOUDLY speaking to each other in their dialect which I found very rude and unprofessional. They just pointed me to the treatment room and assumed I knew what to do next. The so called REVOLUTIONARY treatment was over in less than 15 minutes. I really got my money's worth because their service was as CHEAP as their voucher. As for their staff, they were UNPROFESSIONAL and very JUDGEMENTAL. They already labelled me as a VOUCHER HOLDER instead of a client. I couldn't believe such POOR service existed in a clinic that looks reputable from the outside. I didn't show them my disgust, instead I waltzed out of their so called skin clinic without giving any tip, besides, they don't deserve a single centavo.

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  1. Being a voucher holder is not a poor excuse for giving them bad service. Buti nga may pumupunta pa sa inyo. You defeat the purpose of attracting customers by giving vouchers, you are driving them away! Shame on u Skin U Love @ Mother Ignacia Avenue, Q.C!!