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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

          You read that right, this is a review of the BEST voucher I purchased in 2011. Let me start off by saying I love Ensogo. This company has never failed me since the day I started buying their vouchers in 2010. At first I thought it was too good to be true, that vouchers will never be patronized in the Philippines. Knowing that we Pinoys don't easily trust advertisements or purchase products online without seeing them, I predicted that companies like Ensogo won't last in the market. But I was proven wrong, dead wrong. Vouchers have sprawled over the internet in the past year and is now the most talked about and supported form of advertisement in the country. This is why other companies that offer discount vouchers have sprung from everywhere. So much for that, now I want to get to the heart of this entry, my BEST voucher purchase in 2011, an Ensogo cash voucher for quality imported makeup from Tamera online for Php 399 valued at Php 1,000.

          I feel like Ensogo really makes sure that they offer coupons that are worth their clients' money. Imagine getting 60% off your favorite items that are not even distributed locally.

Shimmer Strips
(Php 443.56)
Perfecting Mineral Concentrate
(Php 620.99)

          In my case, I got Physicians Formula shimmer strips for brown eyes and perfecting mineral concentrate in translucent light. I paid the sum of Php 489 (Php 399 for the voucher plus Php 90 shipment fee) instead of the regular price of Php 1,154.55!

          I am so impressed at the endless possibilities that the shimmer strips can offer. It comes in 9 different shades but are actually grouped together in trios. The top 3 colors comprise of the "Natural" shades, next are the "Playful" strips and the bottom 3 are the "Dramatic" colors. This palette gives you more shades to experiment on so you're really getting your money's worth. It can be applied wet for a dramatic look or dry for a softer result. Again, this allows you to get different looks in just one palette. It comes with an angled sponge applicator which I surprisingly adore since I swear by using makeup brushes when applying eye makeup. The quality is nothing short of amazing. The colors are so rich that only a few gentle strokes are needed to get enough product on the sponge applicator. The texture is equally great and easily blends with your skin. It also gives off just the right amount of shimmer to make your eyes glow. The color stays on decently and doesn't crease the entire time. Had I known this product earlier, it would have won best eye makeup in my recent blog of current favorites.

          If you read my entry of current favorites, you'd know I didn't include foundation as one of the categories. It's because I have never encountered a foundation in any form, may it be liquid, powder or cream, that fits and compliments my face. Well now I do! It's like a dream come true to have finally found the right one after years of failed search and experimentations. My ultimate favorite foundation is Physicians Formula perfecting mineral concentrate. I've read about this product on makeup reviews in different websites and I have to admit they weren't at all pleasant. A lot of the reviews said that the "click pen applicator" as well as the micro kabuki brush were complete disasters and the product itself was a major failure. These reviews have led me to believe that this product wasn't worth trying. But as I was choosing which items to avail using my Ensogo voucher, I found it difficult to decide what else to get aside from the shimmer strips. I ended up buying the perfecting mineral concentrate, hoping it wouldn't be as bad as what others claim.

          When I first used this a couple of days ago, I discovered two important things. First is that, one of the critics' claims is true. The "click pen applicator" and the brush are horrible. They don't give you the "perfect dose flow-through system" that the package says. Instead, it gives you the dilemma of figuring out how to dispense and apply the product properly. I once shook it too hard that it dispensed so much I had to return the excess in the container. Also, the brush is so small that it looks more like an eye makeup brush than a foundation brush. But the nightmare ends there. The 2nd thing I found out is that this product is an amazing foundation that truly delivers its claims of having maximum coverage. It's a very fine formula that blends effortlessly and sets a natural matte finish with a hint of shimmer. It feels so light on your skin and it doesn't cake or crease. It's non greasy and long wearing that the formula stays in place throughout the day. Over all, this product is a very good foundation for me though this may not hold true for others. I will continue using this everyday and will buy more of them for future use. I highly recommend you to look beyond the flaws of the package and give this product a try. Who knows, you might be as surprised as I am when I tried it and found out it works for me.

          Needles to say that this voucher was a great buy not only because of the 60% off but also because the items I purchased using it were equally great. I would also like to commend Ensogo for delivering the best discounted vouchers from reputable establishments like YSA where I had my diamond peel sessions, Time Depot where I got my Solus watch and Tamera online for my Physicians Formula products. Tamera online also deserves 2 thumbs up for their excellent service and high quality products. Shipment was fast and items were delivered in very good condition.

          As a voucher addict, I still urge you to be careful in choosing the promos you want to avail. Think twice even thrice before you decide on purchasing a voucher. Stick to what you need and what you know. In my case, I needed facial treatment when I first purchased a voucher. Fortunately it was offered by an establishment I already knew (YSA Skin Care Center) so as expected, I was pretty much satisfied with it. This gave me confidence in purchasing more vouchers even from establishments I haven't heard of or promos given by other companies aside from Ensogo. As I said before in a previous blog, some vouchers do suck, so always keep your guard up and don't be blinded by big discounts. Again, stick to what you really need and what you already know. It doesn't hurt to be cautious sometimes.

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