Saturday, January 28, 2012

         2011 is done and I have to review my skin care and make up products since I've accumulated more than I can actually use. This sort of thing usually happens every year because I love trying new things and unfortunately forget other products when new lines or better versions come along. So I decided to look up every stashed product I own and I'm quite surprised at how many of them I still have but forgot since they have been pushed to the farther end of my storage space to give way to my current favorites. I have yet to decide on which ones I will try using again. I have to really go through them so no product gets wasted.Well anyway, I'll be writing a separate blog about them but right now I feel like sharing the products I've been using a lot lately and are actually my current favorites.

FACIAL WASH: Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser 
          I can't believe it took me years to finally give this product a try. I've heard a lot of good things about it but I shied away from trying it since I had a good cleanser working for me. I finally gave in this year and I am very pleased at how this product seem to prevent my skin from breaking out. I've been using this for a while now hence the nearly empty bottle. Of course I started using this with the Clarisonic Mia but even so, I still think that it works well on my skin.

(YSA Skin Care Clinic)
          I cannot even begin to explain how I truly LOVE this product. I had a bad case of acne in my freshman year in college and this amazing product has saved me then and still does until now. The term lotion might be a little confusing but this is actually in a clear liquid form like a toner or an astringent. It doesn't have a certain scent and it feels quite refreshing on your face. I've also used this for several times to prevent and treat pimples. Just soak a small piece of cotton with this then leave them on the pimple overnight and you will be surprised the next day with a smaller and less inflamed pimple. It works so well that some of them are totally gone in the morning.

MOISTURIZING SERUM: OLAY Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Serum
          This serum has revolutionized the modern approach to skin care. I've used this since it was first launched and never missed a day applying it. It feels a little oily on your skin for a few seconds after application but as it gets absorbed it leaves your skin very supple, moisturized and not at all greasy. With continuous use you will see a big difference on your skin's texture. In terms of reducing fine lines, I can't say for sure that this product has that effect on me since I started using this in my mid 20's and I wasn't at all that conscious in monitoring the fine lines on my face. Though I can say that now in my 30's, I can appreciate fine lines especially around my eyes but they don't bother me at all which I guess is a good sign.

SUNBLOCK: OLAY Total Effects Day Cream, Normal with SPF 15
          Again Olay bags this category. The non greasy feel with just the right amount of moisture that this product offers is simply amazing. It gives your skin an instant glow with a dewy finish. Other benefits range from UV protection, anti-ageing and skin whitening.

(The Body Shop, Trinoma)
          I wasn't a fan of concealers way back because I didn't know how to really work them on my face and I can't seem to make them blend with my skin. I felt like there were blotches of the product on my face. So instead of concealing the imperfections I was making them more noticeable which was a bad thing. Though I've seen others who swear by concealers, I for one haven't really found the right one for me until I got this product. This has the most manageable texture I have ever tried and the color really matches my skin. Another good thing about it is that it has tea tree which is good for pimples so it works both as a concealer and pimple treatment. It visibly reduces redness and imperfections. Although I still have trouble blending it on my under eye area, I still favor this one over the others.

(The Body Shop, Trinoma)
          This product has been my ultimate favorite since it was introduced. The colors are very wearable and the texture is so unique that you only need a few strokes to really get them on your brush. Staying power is equally good and they only give off a reasonable amount of shimmer so it can be used for everyday look. The lighter colors can be used for highlighting as well.

(Beauty Bar)
          I love powder blushes like my Physicians Formula happy booster in blush and L'oreal true match super-blendable blush in neutral but recently I've been reaching for my Smashbox O-glow cheek stain. It looks like a translucent paste but can be easily applied on the cheeks giving them just a hint of blush that looks natural, dewy and fresh.

LIP BALM: MAYBELLINE Baby lips, Anti-oxidant Berry
Maybelline Babylips lip balm I was so impressed by the formulation that I use it everyday. It feels light on your lips and keep them moisturized without the sticky feeling. It's best used to prime your lips before application of any lipstick.

TINTED LIP BALM: REVLON Lip Butters, Cherry Tart
(SM North)
          These are the best tinted lip balms I've ever tried. They glide smoothly on nude unconditioned lips and give you just the right amount of color that's more sheer than a lipstick and less sticky than a lip balm. They come in a wide variety of shades that will truly match your every mood. I love this product so much that I wrote a separate blog about this just recently.

LIPSTICK: MAC Amplified Lipstick in Double Shot
(Duty Free)
          I was never a fan of lipsticks simply because I feel like my lips weren't cut out for it. I have creased lips (I swear I've never seen on anyone else) that any lipstick would look awful on them especially the creamy ones. It was only after I realized I can use them over lip gloss or lip balm that lipsticks became an essential to my everyday look. I love MAC Amplified lipstick in double shot. It has a rich creamy finish that glides on smoothly. I can't really describe the shade but it looks like a lighter shade of brown, almost like a neutral shade but less sheer.

FACE POWDER: CLINIQUE Derma White Brightening Loose Powder
          This product has won me over since the first time I saw and bought it at a Clinique booth in Trinoma. I remember having second thoughts about getting it beacuse I was quite overwhelmed by the price but after trying it on my face I knew why they had to charge quite an amount for just a face powder. The quality of this product is something I have never seen before in other brands. It feels light and soft on your face. It has a sheer and translucent coverage and it immediately brightens your complexion with just the right amount of shimmer. What's really unique and amazing about this is that the powders are water-encapsulated and release a cool, soothing sensation on application. The technology behind Clinique derma white loose powder plus the quality and quantity (20 grams) make this product stand out from the rest. I really do need to mention that I have been using this everyday since I purchased it in 2011 and I haven't even consumed much, probably just 1/4 of the container since a little goes a long way.

          Well, that concludes my "Current Favorites" which is basically the products that I use everyday and are at the top of my list. I was tempted to include runners up but that would only make this entry longer. You may have noticed I didn't include foundation to my list. This is because I don't use any for my everyday look. I only get to wear foundation during special occasions done by make up artists. I have yet to master the art of blending foundation with my skin in the future.


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    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much for your appreciation and kind compliments. I hope you'll find my future entries useful. Readers such as yourself inspire me to continue blogging. Thanks again and have a wonderful day! :)