Getting ORGANIZED... finally!

Monday, February 13, 2012

          Let me start by saying I'm not the obsessive compulsive type when it comes to the things I carry around in my bag. All I do is stuff my bag with the "essentials" and make sure nothing gets left behind. This is partly the reason why I love big bags and prefer using them over smaller ones. But certain problems come with this practice. Sometimes it's hard for me to switch bags that I end up using the same bag everyday. Not that I don't like using the same bag over, I just make sure to rotate them once in a while to lessen the wear and tear. Also, there are times when I really need to switch bags to suit the occasion which takes a lot of time deciding what things to bring with me. Sometimes my bag is so cluttered that I find it hard to get my phone when it rings or get my wallet to pay for something. In short, not having an organized bag SUCKS. So I actually went on a hunt for the best bag organizer. 

          I first saw the "Kangaroo Keeper" on ebay but I wasn't comfortable about buying it online without seeing the quality. I remember seeing different styles of generic bag organizers in Trinoma last month so I went there instead. But I was so disappointed to see that they only had one style left. At first I thought I hit jackpot when I saw the display from far away because the organizers looked like the "Kangaroo Keeper". Up close, the quality was disappointing. It was made of very thin nylon and the stitches on the corners weren't too appealing and looked unsturdy. I wasn't expecting perfection for a P99 worth of bag organizer but I decided to get one that will last even if I have to pay for more. 

          Good thing I stumbled on "beabi" at SM North Edsa yesterday. They have a wide selection of style, color and sizes of bag organizers. What also impressed me was when the sales assistant asked which bag I intend to use with the organizer. I couldn't answer right away 'cause I didn't know what bags to mention. She might have noticed my silence and suggested the large size fits a large Long Champ perfectly (the bag I was using then). So I ended up buying it which costs P395.

The front has 2 outer compartments,
1 of which has a zipper closure

It has side pockets and handles on both ends.

The back has an outer pocket

More compartments of different sizes inside

Stitches were neatly done.

          I didn't have second thoughts of buying because I was so happy with the quality. It was made of thick nylon and the entire bag was padded. The stitches were perfectly done and it came with compartments of different sizes.

          Above are the usual things I carry in my bag. They look like a real mess inside any bag and small things tend to get lost underneath the clutter. But with the bag organizer, everything looks perfectly stacked and easy to find.

          This bag organizer is so spacious that it can hold even big items like an Ipad, planner or wallet. It can also house oddly shaped objects like ear phones, contact lens case, perfume and lotion bottles. They also have compartments for small things like lipstick, lip gloss, eye makeup palette, oil control film, hair brush, tweezers and pens. Though I love carrying an extra pouch that contains all my "kikay" stuff, I still gave this organizer a try and I must say I'm very impressed that it doubles as a cosmetic bag. 

This is how the organizer looks inside my bag.

It fits perfectly in a large Long Champ Le Pliage 

          Since the day I used this organizer, I noticed how easily I can reach for the right objects I need. If you hate having to go through a cluttered bag just to find your car keys, cellphone or gloss and if you want to preserve a neatly shaped bag, or if you like switching bags often but hate to transfer each stuff from one bag to another, then this is a must have for you. Like me, you only need to use it once to realize how amazing this product is. 

*Where to buy: beabi shops located at Trinoma, SM North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia and SM Fairview

**What to buy: It depends on what bags you have, you may ask the assistance of the sales representatives if you're not sure. If you still end up buying the wrong size, try returning the product within 7 days and they should replace it with the size you prefer (Consumer Act of the Philippines on "No Return No Exchange" policy). It would be wise to bring the desired bag you wish to use the organizer with. In terms of color, I suggest you buy what you like and not necessarily the color of your bag.

***How much to bring: The large size is P395 and the smaller ones are a little cheaper but just to be sure, if you're buying one then bring at least P395 and add on if you wish to buy more.

****Why buy one: Having things organized saves time and energy hence you become more productive.

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