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Thursday, March 1, 2012

          Whether you're going out of the country or just staying away from home for a few days, you still need to bring your skin care essentials. I really dread leaving my regimen behind because my skin tends to break out without it. But when travelling, you really need to minimize your luggage and just bring the ones you can't live without like a good facial wash, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and personal hygiene products. If you're travelling abroad, you have to abide by the standard rules of carrying liquids, gels and aerosols kept in containers with volumes of not more than 100 ml each. In this case, it helps to bring sample sizes or just refill smaller containers that can be bought from different stores like watson's and beabi.

beabi SM North Edsa (Php 95)

          I actually got mine from beabi together with the bag organizer which I featured in a separate blog early this month. It's a set of 2 bottles for liquid products with 2 small jars for lotion or cream housed in a snap on plastic compact. I love that the bottles are in the standard travel friendly size of 100ml.

          You can also use a water resistant bag to organize your bath products and bring with you when you shower. I used this free bag I got as part of a set from L'oreal. It's small enough to fit in my bag and spacious enough to hold my skin and bath products. I like using this particular bag because it's water proof so it's easy to clean and if your liquid products accidentally spill during travel, they won't get to your clothes and other stuff that easily. 

          Also, this has a metal loop on top so it can be hooked to the bathroom wall. It has 3 compartments that fold into a bag with a top handle. The middle pouch can accomodate most of your things even a full size facial wash. It's made of durable transparent plastic which I really like beacuse you can instantly see what's inside. The top and bottom compartments can be used for smaller objects.

          If you have hotel accomodations, then you can skip packing some bath and hygiene essentials like shampoo, soap, buds and cotton. But if you're a toner freak like me, who needs more cotton than you can possibly imagine, you might want to bring your own just to be sure. If you can't do without your favorites like shampoo or facial wash, you may purchase them in sachets to lessen the bulk. Most importantly, always make sure to pack at least 3 days from your departure, so you still have time to buy stuff and not forget anything you need. Remember, you can save a lot of time and money if you pack wisely.

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