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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

          Just recently, I went to Trinoma Mall and as I exited Landmark on the 3rd level, an unfamiliar sight caught my attention. It was a Shu Uemura stall which was originally located at the ground floor level. Well I have to say good move on their part for transferring to a busier location.

          I was literally drawn to their stall. Though I wasn't really planning to make any purchase, I walked right up, looked around and saw their highly acclaimed eyelash curler.

          I've read so many bloggers rave about the wonders that Shu Uemura eyelash curlers can do. Some  people say it's the holy grail of eyelash curlers but I never bought one for several reasons:

1. I have thin, short, stubborn eyelashes.
          I love doing eye makeup but when it comes to my lashes, I've given up hope in making them stand out. I tried several tools such as Model Co's lash wand, Sally Hansen's as well as Elf's and several other generic eyelash curlers but none of them worked for me. I always ended up with awkwardly FOLDED lashes. I have tried every technique there is, like heating the metal part of the curler with a blow dryer, using a lash conditioner prior to curling, running the curler from root to tip and so on but to no avail.

2. The design is so simple and very much similar to cheaper brands.
          This idea made me hesitant for a long time. I came to the point of judging even before trying it myself. I was thinking, how could a similar looking tool be different from the others?
3. I can't afford to waste P1,090 for a makeup tool that I don't even know will work for me.
          When I found out about the price years ago, I wasn't at all discouraged but I was also thinking why should I buy a more expensive brand of the same tool that I know will not work for me. But because I believe that experience is the best teacher (most of the time), I didn't entirely trash the idea of getting one.

          These were the things that kept me from purchasing the Shu Uemura eyelash curler despite the many claims and great reviews of bloggers and you tubers worldwide. However, these hesitations were all set aside when I got hold of my own Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Yes, I did make a purchase after all. Make that "purchases" because I couldn't resist buying their BB Mouse after sampling it on my chin. I'll be posting a separate review on this next time.

          Back to eyelash curler, this tool gave me the satisfaction of owning curled lashes with just a simple stroke. I was really surprised when my lashes cooperated and were curled to my fancy even without mascara or lash conditioner. Now I know why it was dubbed as the holy grail of eyelash curlers. It can make wonders on its own. 

          Don't let the simple looking design of this tool fool you into thinking that it's no different from the others. At first glance it may look very much like other cheaper brands but after trying it for the first time and comparing it side by side with another curler, I noticed some small details that might have made the big difference. 

          The Shu Uemura eyelash curler is more slanted than the others creating a 30 degree angle between the proximal handle and the surface of your face. This way, you can easily approximate the curler on your eye area, giving you space to manipulate the curler in any direction without the handle getting in the way. This is a classic problem encountered when using other curlers.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

          The Elf eyelash curler for example is designed in such a way that the handle comes in close contact with your face leaving very little space between them. This limits the curler to dig farther into your eye area to access the lashes. Those with deep set eyes may have a problem using such tool.

Elf Eyelash Curler

          Shu Uemura has a very flexible silicone rubber pad that doesn't crease easily. Though the packaging suggests pad replacement after approximately 3 months of daily use, most of the reviews say that it can last more than 3 months and may even reach more than a year. To ensure maximum precision, they also suggest replacement of the entire tool after wearing out the extra pad included in the package. This is why Shu Uemura doesn't sell separate pads. If you don't feel like discarding the entire thing, you may want to find refill pads from other brands. Some of the reviews say that Shiseido refill pads have the closest match.

Shu Uemura silicone rubber refill pads (L), Elf (R)

          After finally trying this revolutionary tool myself, I could say that Shu Uemura eyelash curler is worth every centavo. If you still find it otherwise, I suggest you try using it before you jump to any conclusions. Try using one by borrowing from your friends or dropping by any Shu Uemura boutique. Who knows, you just might love it the way I and a lot more people do.


  • Now all I need to do is find the perfect mascara to work with this amazing tool. Any suggestions?
  • I heard Maybelline and Revlon mascaras work well.
  • My take on the Shu Uemura BB Mouse is up next.
  • As always, products mentioned in this review are personal purchases and preferences and are in no way intended for advertisement.

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