SHU UEMURA: UV Under Base BB Mousse

Friday, April 27, 2012

          Those of you who read my recent posts won't be surprised when I plead guilty of being a BB Cream freak. Yes, I totally admit that I'm crazy about BB Creams. Fortunately after trying 4 different brands, I found the best one for me which I've been using everyday without fail. This is Tony Moly's Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream. But my search didn't end there, I kept my radar on for updates on this most raved about product. My utmost patience was finally paid off one day when I got this..

          Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse.. Emphasis on the MOUSSE. You know how devoted you can be to one product that really works well despite of some minor flaws? One thing I'm not so crazy about BB Creams is the texture. Creams are actually meant to be thick since they are intended for dry skin so when you have oily or combination skin (like me), using creams can be a little tricky and entails a few techniques to get your desired effect. 

          What I usually do before I put on my BB Cream is to apply a matte primer underneath so it can balance the cream's thickness leaving a dewy texture instead of a greasy looking finish. I am currently using Tony Moly Luminous Sheer Base which I reviewed about a month ago.

          In the middle of the day when my skin starts getting a bit oily, I just pat a piece of Kleenex Facial Oil Blotter on my face and dust it off with loose powder. But with Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse, you can do away with the oil blotter and loose powder. This is the beauty of this product, no need to  worry about your face getting oily. Mousse is actually air whipped liquid so the texture falls between that of a liquid and cream and is best used for normal to oily skin.

What I LOVE about this product:
  • It has a foamy consistency that spreads easily and blends effortlessly. 
  • The color beige might look a little fairer at first but it surprisingly matches my skin tone as instantly as it dries. 
  • It has medium coverage that can hide redness and uneven skin tone.
  • It has a natural matte finish without the aid of a finishing powder so you can just use this alone to achieve an everyday look or underneath makeup for a more dolled up finish.
  • It offers protection against UVA (PA+++) and UVB (SPF 30). 

Certain things I find not too appealing:
  • The price (PhP 2,100) is quite steep for a 66g product.
  • Drying time is too fast hence you need to speed up when applying and blending it.
  • It may take some time before you master how the pressurized dispenser works. I practiced on the sample can in the Shu boutique so I'll have an idea on how much pressure I need to pump and dispense just the right amount.
          Overall, I am currently devoted to this product though I still use my other BB creams in between. I highly recommend it to those with normal to oily skin or combination skin type if a natural matte finish is desired. I will definitely save up to buy a replacement but I might be using my other favorite BB creams before I have enough money to repurchase.


  • All products mentioned in this blog are personal preferences and purchases and are in no way intended for advertisement.

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