Hello Kitty Brush Set

Saturday, June 9, 2012

          No matter how old you get, there will always be a child within you. In my case, the child within me never fails to show up at the sight of Sanrio's most loved character, Hello Kitty. Though Hello Kitty's style and looks evolved in the past years, it still managed to maintain its charisma not only on little girls but big girls as well.

          In the past, Hello Kitty products are limited to stuffed toys, stationery and school accessories, but now, you wouldn't be surprised to find jewelries, cosmetics, apparels, gadgets, appliances, even food, bearing the famous Hello Kitty logo. 

        Of course, being an avid follower, I have accumulated a few HK stuff as well but none of them compares to what I got as a gift from my fiance. 

Seriously, what could be more adorable than this? I love it just the way it is, a 3D image of my favorite character in a shiny white pearl finish.

It actually took me a while to unbox this because I was still admiring the packaging. It was securely placed in a sturdy transparent box with its base snugly tucked into place. 

The texture is comparable to a perfectly applied nail polish and the head can be turned freely towards both directions. If you're an avid fan too, I know what you're probably thinking.. Could this get any better?.. YES!!!

Inside is a 5-piece brush set in travel size. The brush handles come in light blue and silver, not the typical pink color that you expect from Hello Kitty, but they look cute just the same. 

The set has one face brush, 3 eye brushes and a lip brush. I also love the way each brush is labeled with Hello Kitty on one side and their specific function on the opposite side.

This one's obviously a  face brush which can be used as a powder brush and blush brush. You can also use it for contouring or highlighting. The fibers are so densely packed that you wouldn't believe it's in travel size.

The eyeshadow brush has the right volume and thickness that can easily pick the color from your palette and effectively pack your lids with it in just a few strokes. This also doubles as a blending brush when used upright in a circular motion. 

This brush works well with blending but I find it more useful in applying a contrast highlight on your lid's crease line because of the bristles' tapered edge. I use this to accentuate the color on my lids.

I am not a fan of eye liners but for the sake of doing this review, I tried using this several times and I must say I am impressed with how soft this brush is. Judging by the way the angled brush looks like, I thought the bristles were stiff but they weren't. It did a precise job when used to apply color on the lower lash line.

This lip brush became an instant favorite because it really looks cute in its silver cap. The brush also looks stiff but is really very soft and glides on smoothly when used with lip balms. I also tried using this with lipstick and the color applies evenly with each stroke. What surprised me was the minimal color stain on the bristles which comes off entirely after cleaning with a cleansing towel.   

This product is almost too good to be true for an avid HK fan like me because aside from looking really cute, it also functions exceptionally well. All the brushes are densely packed with soft bristles that glide smoothly on your skin. If you're familiar with make up brushes from The Body Shop, these brushes feel almost exactly the same. This set is also good in terms of brush selection because you can have a complete look with this set alone. Although an extra face brush for applying blush would've made this set all the more complete, over all, I think this set DELIVERS great function with superior quality.

  • All products mentioned in this blog are personal preferences and purchases and are in no way intended for advertisement.


  1. Cute! Where did your fiance get this?

    1. Hi ari, he got it from Sephora's online shop. :)

    2. Thanks! I'll check it out asap.

      Love your blog, btw. Hope you can check out mine! http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/

    3. Hi ari, thanks for the kind words. I actually started visiting your site since you did a review on TM's eggpore (which btw rocks!). But I couldn't seem to make my nickname appear on my comments, so I go by the name Regina on your site. More power to your site and keep blogging.. :)