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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I just want to tell you about this product I got as a gift from my cousin (Raquel/Bebeh) that I'm loving so much! Guardian body milk spray with sunflower and silk which comes in a 250ml spray bottle.

What the label says:
          Guardian body milk spray is enriched with sunflower oil, hydrolyzed silk extract and vitamin E. It is non-greasy while revitalizing and moisturizing skin with subtly scented unique sunflower aroma that invigorates and refreshes.

What I say:
          I have never seen anything like this before and after using it for the first time, it became an instant favorite. It also made me wonder why it took so long for a product like this to be released in the market. This was on sale when my cousin bought it from Guardian in Singapore. Guardian is a health and beauty store which resembles Watson's here in Manila.

It's no secret that milk has been used as a skin care product since Cleopatra's era and this is why several labels have developed different vehicles that promote milk as a main component. Bar soaps, body soaks and lotion are the most common milk based products available, but I have never encountered a body milk spray.

It gives off a clean, fresh scent, instantly hydrates your skin and keeps it moisturized without feeling greasy. Sure there are tons of others like this that give the same benefits but what made this particular product stand out from the the rest include ease of application and great value for your money.

Though this product doesn't offer sun protection, I still love it and I do recommend it to those who want to maintain a healthy skin in an affordable and effective way.

  • You might want to use this as an alternative to body oil.
  • If you use this during the day, don't forget to top it with a sunblock since this doesn't offer sun protection. I use Belo Essentials sunscreen lotion with spf 15 but as recommended you might want to use one that offers at least an spf 30.
  • Products that work for me may not work in the same manner with others, it all boils down to individuality, finding the right product that best matches your skin.
  • Products mentioned in this entry are all personal preferences and are in no way intended for advertisement.

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