PMA: Lay Forum

Friday, September 28, 2012

A week ago, I was invited to talk about Immunization in a lay forum sponsored by the Quezon City Medical Society (QCMS), a component society of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) in celebration of the 55th National Medicine Week.

Several activities were simultaneously held at the PMA auditorium including free consultation, basic laboratory exams, medicines and on the spot drawing contest among elementary students from different districts in Q.C.

Loving the certificate of appreciation they gave me after the event especially their gift, Marks & Spencer royal jelly shower gel.

It was indeed an honor for me to be invited as a speaker by my mentors from Capitol Medical Center who are dedicated officers of the QCMS. The event was a success judging by the number of people who came and participated. 

To the officers of QCMS and PMA, thank you for inviting me to take part in your celebration. It's a great honor to be an instrument of service to the community through your noble society. 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

I finally got my package from after more than a month of waiting. The postal service here in Manila will drain anyone of their patience when it comes to international shipping. However, I wasn't so affected because I knew then they take forever to deliver. I learned about this first hand last year when it took 6 weeks before my online purchase from arrived.

This time around, I ordered Philosophy hope in a  jar and I got two lip products from Calvin Klein as freebies. I posted a separate review on my shopping experience with Strawberrynet but right now, I give you my thoughts on these lippies from Calvin Klein.

This is Calvin Klein delicious light glistening lip gloss in taffy. As expected from CK products, the packaging is really gorgeous. It comes in a glass tube with the twist off cap and a long sponge tip applicator. 

This lip gloss glides on smoothly but has a slightly sticky finish. It doesn't feel too heavy on the lips and has a hint of sweet floral scent that goes unnoticeable after application. It gives a glossy finish and leaves a moisturized look with a touch of light pink. 

This is Calvin Klein delicious luxury creme lipstick in flutter. I love the neat packaging and the size is just perfect to fit any purse. It has a light creamy texture that glides smoothly on your lips with ease. It's nicely pigmented and has light reflecting shimmer that can be worn alone without gloss. The color is buildable but it doesn't feel heavy when layered. Staying power is just average hence you need to reapply it after a drink or a meal. 

Overall, I love using both products independently. The shades are wearable and are perfect for everyday use. Good thing I got to try lip products from CK via Strawberrynet's GWP. Calvin Klein is definitely on my list now when it comes to lip products. I also recommend these to my friends who are as curious as me when it comes to cosmetics.

CLINIQUE: Bonus Time, September 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After days of contemplating on whether to avail the clinique bonus time, 
I finally made up my mind and took an expensive plunge. I've been thinking of the best combination of products to buy so I could avail of this biannual promo 
and I ended up with these..

Clinique clarifying lotion 2, age defense BB Cream, pore perfecting solutions instant perfector and chubby stick moisturizing lip colour balm 07 super strawberry. More on these products in my future entries.

I wasn't really going to buy the chubby stick but I was later convinced after trying the shade super strawberry and a little because of the free toiletry kit that came with a higher purchase.

The freebies were neatly packed in a pink box with a small package insert describing each sample.

Turnaround Instant Facial (15ml)
"In 5 minutes, this oil-free mask delivers all the radiance and smoothness of microdermabrasion with significantly less irritation and stress to skin. Instantly, skin feels velvety, looks luminous. For all skin types. Use weekly or as needed." 

Liquid Facial Soap Mild (30ml)

"Step 1 in Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System. Gentle, effective cleansing for dry combination skins. Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean comfortable. Use twice daily. See the expert for the 3-Step products that are right for your skin type."

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (15ml)
"Step 3 in Clinique's dermatologist-developed 3-Step Skin Care System. The moisture drink developed to maintain optimal moisture balance for very dry to dry combination skin types 1 and 2. Softens, smooths, improves. Apply twice a day to face and throat all over, or where needed. See the expert for the 3-Step products that are right for your skin type."

Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief (30ml)
"Water your skin with the rapid hydration of this refreshing oil-free facial spray. Replenishes thirsty skin to restore moisture balance. Leaves skin soft and smooth. Use anytime, anywhere under or over makeup."

Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator (15ml)
"A life-changer for dry skins -- plumped, strong and supple. With our rich oil-free cream-gel, skin stays comfortably plumped, even 24 hours after you put it on. Used faithfully, skin feels more supple, less susceptible to outside influences. Use daily after 3-Step, or as a moisture booster  when needed. For skin types 1,2 -- very dry to dry combination."

All About Eyes Rich (5ml)
"Moisture-rich cream. Diminishes the the look of eye-area circles, shadows, puffs and fine lines. Calms, nourishes. Use morning and night all around the eye area.":

Almost Lipstick (1.9g)
"Sheer, glossy slip of lightweight lip color. Goes on alone or over lip pencil for an easy-going, natural look. Adds special effects when applied over lipstick. High emoliency keeps lips feeling as god as they look."

I really had a pleasant time during my entire visit at the Clinique counter in Trinoma. The beauty consultant who assisted me took time to check my skin and confirmed I have dry combination skin type. She also sampled the pore perfector's different shades on my chin and showed me all colors of the chubby stick. I filled out an information card which will serve as my record for future references.

Overall my purchases turned out to be great ones. I'll be keeping you posted on what I think of them in the following days.

SALADBOX.. finally!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Last year I came across tons of youtube reviews on the birchbox, a monthly subscription of sample beauty products from reputable brands in the US and I instantly wished we could have something similar here in Manila.

Finally, after a year of lusting over the birchbrox and envying US residents having access to their monthly subscription, we now have Saladbox.

A monthly subscription worth P500 entitles you to receive a gift box containing a minimum of 4 deluxe samples from premier brands. Samples may vary each month from skin care to makeup, grooming or lifestyle products. If you happen to love any of the samples given, Saladbox also allows you to purchase the full size version via their website.

So what are you waiting for ladies? Register now and enjoy monthly treats from Saladbox, the first ever sample product subscription to hit Manila. Registration for the month of September is closed so if you register today your subscription will start on October. 

OLAY: Regenerist micro-sculpting serum

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello ladies, I can't begin to tell you how I love products that keep your skin moisturized. Imagine how wonderful a product is if it has the benefits of a moisturizer coupled with advanced anti-aging properties. These were the reasons why I bought  Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting serum.

This product comes in a 50ml bottle with pump dispenser. One pump is enough to dispense just the right amount of the serum needed to cover your entire face. 

Knowing that it's a serum, I didn't expect it to appear almost opaque flesh but it doesn't give a hint of color once thoroughly spread. It's easily absorbed after application and can instantly make your skin feel smooth and silky. I love using this as a makeup primer because it really has that effect. I've been using this day and night for almost a month and even though I haven't seen any dramatic effects when it comes to reducing signs of aging, I still love the way it keeps my skin moisturized especially over night. 

Of course serums have no SPF protection so you still need to top this with either a BB Cream or foundation with at least an SPF 30 when used during the day. 

Over all, this product is a hit for me and I do recommend it to those who want a day and night moisturizer. I will definitely repurchase in the future.

Flexwear Colors Contact Lenses

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My affair with contact lenses started in med school. I got tired of wearing glasses but couldn't live without them either. Eventually, I was able to find suitabale lenses, but I guess like most people who are new to wearing them, I had a really hard time putting them on. I kept shutting my lids before fitting the lenses in place. It became so fustrating that I had to put it off for a while. After several years of sticking to my glasses, I finally gave contact lenses another try. I was able to overcome the fear of hurting my eyes and have been occasionally wearing lenses for five years now.

Years ago, contact  lenses weren't so affordable. A pair of graded clear lenses costs more than a thousand pesos and colored lenses were even more expensive. Good thing that nowadays, there are a lot of affordable lenses available in the market but this doesn't mean they're all safe to use. It's still best to have your eyes checked by a specialist and purchase the lenses from reputable sellers.

I've been having my eyes checked by in house Optometrists at Executive Optical and they actually assist you in finding the lenses best suited for your needs and budget. They also have a wide range of contact lenses to choose from and among them, EO's Flexwear Colors in coffee is my favorite.

This has been my all time favorite since I started using colored lenses.  They come in a sterile plastic container, sealed to ensure good quality. They're so soft but not to the point of losing the curved shape. I love that they have the right thickness because I tend to accidentally tear thin lenses easily. They are sturdy enough to last for 3 months and may extend in some instances when you don't use them often. Nevertheless, it's still best to dispose them as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid eye irritation.

Above image shows how coffee looks on me.

Amethyst is another shade I've already tried and I've been using this alternately with coffee. Above image shows you a comparison of how they look when worn.

What I ultimately like about these lenses is the natural look they offer. The colors aren't too loud or obviously fake. They just give a hint of hue that becomes noticeable only when seen at a near distance or under direct light. 

Images courtesy of Executive Optical

Flexwear Colors also come in four other shades as illustrated above. It costs P595.00/pair but if you get 2 pairs the price goes down to P547.50/pair. 

You may also try out Flexwear's all-in-one solution which comes with a free lens container. This solution is all you need to clean and lubricate your lenses. It only costs P158.00 and is more affordable than the other solutions available at EO. To know more about Executive Optical's latest products and services, please click here.

Wearing contact lenses is actually fun and may prove to be beneficial but I still recommend you to consult an eye specialist first before giving this a try. After all, the eyes are windows to our souls so we need to take care of them in the best possible way we can. 

CLINIQUE: Colour Surge Eyeshadow

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello ladies, this afternoon while patiently waiting for my clinic to start, I went to Starbucks and got inspired by the good lighting so I took these pictures..

This Clinique colour surge eye shadow soft shimmer in 06 frosted blossom was given as a gift to my mom. FYI, my mom never uses makeup except on special occasions that's why I get to have every makeup related stuff she gets as gifts from friends.. lucky me. Anyway, I think this is actually a sample or part of a kit because it says in the bottom label that it's "not for individual sale". Sample or not, I still think that the amount is enough to last me a while before it runs out. 

Packaging is simple yet sturdy but it doesn't have a mirror so that just sucks. It does have a sponge applicator which I won't be using since I love using brushes to apply eye shadows. 

The color is very striking and noticeable. It has a rosy pink shade with specks of white glitter. It glides smoothly on your skin and the color is buildable so you can play with the intensity. This can be worn alone or with other shades for an added glow. 

I really have to give you a heads up that this has a lot of shimmer so if you're the type who's not too comfortable with wearing glittery shadows then you might want to use just a little of this or not at all. But if you don't mind adding shimmer to your look then this product will definitely satisfy you. This shadow didn't crease or get oily over time. 

Overall I love the silky texture, ease of application and quality of color this product offers. I may not purchase this exact same shade but I'm willing to splurge on other shades from this line in the future. 

Sweet Treat

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just yesterday I was surprised by these gifts from Mead Johnson. I was obviously overwhelmed by the gesture from their beautiful rep Miss Trisha who's been constantly visiting me week after week to remind me of MJ's Enfagrow A+ and Enfakid A+ having higher levels of DHA. 

Posing with Miss Trisha of MJ and the 3 tier Goldilocks cake in my clinic. The cake has an edible base and was in chocolate flavor covered with yummy blue marshmallow icing.

Just so you know, DHA short for Docosahexaenoic Acid is a structural component of the human brain which is important for its development. Although it can be found in a child's regular diet, DHA can be supplemented to meet the recommended levels and optimize brain development especially in the first 5 years of life when 90% of brain growth occurs.

I was also given workbooks for my patients, each of them containing a CD of children's songs. Inside are several activities that help facilitate learning such as story telling, coloring and origami. 

I just want another good look at this gorgeous blue cake. To Miss Trisha of Mead Johnson, thank you very much and more power! Always remember that breastmilk is still best for babies but in certain age groups or instances when it can't be given, milk supplemetnts may be offered instead.

VICTORIA'S SECRET: Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Monday, September 10, 2012

Glosses are a girl's best friend. 
It can solely liven up a simple everyday look or provide that much needed umph to compliment your makeup. This is why I don't mind having a variety of glosses in my stash including Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in cupcake and cherry bomb.

Top: Cupcake
Bottom: Cherry Bomb
Top: Cupcake
Bottom: Cherry Bomb

I love the squeeze type tube applicator because it gives you full control over the amount of product you wish to dispense. The transparent tube also gives you an idea when to replace or repurchase your gloss while the soft flexible tube allows you to really empty the contents hence you get to save more.

Cupcake swatch

The gloss glides smoothly and effortlessly on your lips. Though it feels really sticky, I find this gloss more long wearing than other brands. Aside from the glossy look, this lippie has specks of pink glitters that make your lips stand out. It seems to seal your lip color when used on top of a favorite lipstick or lip stain. 
Notice how the color turns very sheer when applied? 
I haven't opened the cherry bomb so I just have the swatch for cupcake.

If you don't mind using sheer glosses that feel sticky and look really shiny, this will surely satisfy your taste. Overall, I like these glosses but I won't be repurchasing these in the future. I plan to try out glosses from other manufacturers instead. 

Joining Shen's 4th year anniversary giveaway

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hi everyone! Shen's addiction, one of the blogs I follow, is hosting a giveaway in celebration of its 4th year anniversary.

Awesome prizes await 10 winners of this contest. Some of the sponsors include Snoe Beauty, The Body Shop, Kerastase, Snyoss, Charm Makeup Brushes, Covergirl, Max Factor, Majolica Majorca, Benefit Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Makeupholics, K-Palette, Venus and Mars, Dove, Garnier, Royal Effem, Kiehl's, Nivea, Revlon and Ellana.

This is actually a first for me so please wish me luck. If you're also interested in joining, you may visit Shen's site here to view the contest proper. This contest is open to all Philippine residents and will run until October 8, 2012 so hurry up and join while you can. Good luck to all of us!

Permed Lashes

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just a few days ago, me and my girl friends went to Let's Face It Timog branch and got our eyelashes permed. We've been planning on having one in the past years and obviously been postponing until now.

What got us to finally do it was when I saw how good it looked on two of my other friends who had eye lash perming a week ahead. I immediately got in touch with my other friends to try it for ourselves. The finished product is truly satisfying!

Before the procedure, we were asked to sign a waiver and an information sheet. In the clinic, they instructed us to lie down and close our eyes the entire time. I sort of felt a little awkward not seeing my surroundings but I eventually got the hang of it. 

They cleaned the area around my eyes with a damp cotton and placed an adhesive strip on the edge of my eyelids near the roots of my lashes. Strands of my upper lashes were attached one by one to the adhesive strip and once in place, my lashes were coated with a mildly scented perming solution which reminded me so much of the classic solution used in the 80's (Pagoda). A thin plastic strip was used to cover my eyes for 20-30 minutes. A second coating of the same solution was applied and left to stand for another 20-30 minutes. The adhesive strips were peeled off and the lashes were gently combed in place and coated with a waterproof mascara. Honestly, it didn't sting, hurt or cause eye irritation.

The result was more satisfying than I imagined. Compared to my short and thin natural lashes, my newly permed lashes were perfectly curled. It even looked better than when I used a lash curler paired with mascara. The beauty consultant said the curl will last for a month and that you can only do it again after 3 months.

Simple procedure done by trained personnel
No down time 
Immediate results
Affordable (Php 285)
Lasts for a month 

Can only be repeated every 3 months
Applying eye makeup may be a little tricky

 I'm loving my permed lashes so much that I intend to have it done on a regular basis. I also recommend this to those who have medium length and long lashes. Very short lashes may not be advisable for perming. 

BAG blog

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Growing up in a simple family, I wasn't entirely familiar with designer brands. I was introduced to the real world quite early and I am thankful my parents did because it made me appreciate and value what I have today.

I wasn't familiar with the tags that went with countless gifts we received from our loved ones abroad. We just accepted them with arms wide open (seriously with no exaggeration) and big smiles on our faces. To my uncles, aunts and cousins: we are forever thankful for all the blessings you continuously share with us. 

On to my entry. This is actually one of the many gifts given to us by our family from Virginia when they came home to visit several months ago.

I love that this hobo bag is light weight and can be easily stuffed with more than what you think it can. The flexibility of this design is impressive because it looks great either fully packed or not. 

The shape conforms to its contents but it won't look awkward when nearly empty. 
When carried as a shoulder bag, the strap drop is just right 
to fit the bag snugly in your arms.

I love the classic monogram of coach as well as the color because it seems to camouflage the dirt that comes with everyday use. 

This bag has exemplified what I think all bags should, comfort without compromising style. Do I recommend this bag? Heavens yeah!!! (you all know I meant to say the other H word). Purchase on my own? Maybe I will in the future, anyway one can't have too many when it comes to bags or purses right?