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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Growing up in a simple family, I wasn't entirely familiar with designer brands. I was introduced to the real world quite early and I am thankful my parents did because it made me appreciate and value what I have today.

I wasn't familiar with the tags that went with countless gifts we received from our loved ones abroad. We just accepted them with arms wide open (seriously with no exaggeration) and big smiles on our faces. To my uncles, aunts and cousins: we are forever thankful for all the blessings you continuously share with us. 

On to my entry. This is actually one of the many gifts given to us by our family from Virginia when they came home to visit several months ago.

I love that this hobo bag is light weight and can be easily stuffed with more than what you think it can. The flexibility of this design is impressive because it looks great either fully packed or not. 

The shape conforms to its contents but it won't look awkward when nearly empty. 
When carried as a shoulder bag, the strap drop is just right 
to fit the bag snugly in your arms.

I love the classic monogram of coach as well as the color because it seems to camouflage the dirt that comes with everyday use. 

This bag has exemplified what I think all bags should, comfort without compromising style. Do I recommend this bag? Heavens yeah!!! (you all know I meant to say the other H word). Purchase on my own? Maybe I will in the future, anyway one can't have too many when it comes to bags or purses right? 

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  1. I love how durable the Coach bags are. Even fully packed, the bag is still strong and survives for how many years! I use Coach at work and it never fails to serve me up to this day! :) I like your bag, looks handy. :)