CLINIQUE: Colour Surge Eyeshadow

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello ladies, this afternoon while patiently waiting for my clinic to start, I went to Starbucks and got inspired by the good lighting so I took these pictures..

This Clinique colour surge eye shadow soft shimmer in 06 frosted blossom was given as a gift to my mom. FYI, my mom never uses makeup except on special occasions that's why I get to have every makeup related stuff she gets as gifts from friends.. lucky me. Anyway, I think this is actually a sample or part of a kit because it says in the bottom label that it's "not for individual sale". Sample or not, I still think that the amount is enough to last me a while before it runs out. 

Packaging is simple yet sturdy but it doesn't have a mirror so that just sucks. It does have a sponge applicator which I won't be using since I love using brushes to apply eye shadows. 

The color is very striking and noticeable. It has a rosy pink shade with specks of white glitter. It glides smoothly on your skin and the color is buildable so you can play with the intensity. This can be worn alone or with other shades for an added glow. 

I really have to give you a heads up that this has a lot of shimmer so if you're the type who's not too comfortable with wearing glittery shadows then you might want to use just a little of this or not at all. But if you don't mind adding shimmer to your look then this product will definitely satisfy you. This shadow didn't crease or get oily over time. 

Overall I love the silky texture, ease of application and quality of color this product offers. I may not purchase this exact same shade but I'm willing to splurge on other shades from this line in the future. 

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