TONY MOLY: Beauty Blowout 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

If you're a fan of Tony Moly, this whole month of October is the best time to update stocks of your favorite TM products. If you haven't tried this Korean brand and you're tight on budget, now is the perfect time to start because their SM North Edsa branch is on sale.

Get to experience Korean skin care at its finest with as much as 50% off on premium products including Dandy Guy, Fresh Aqua, TM Sports, Premium Zen, Caviar Essential, Cottony Essence and more!

My friends and I already grabbed this rare opportunity and bought ourselves the Floria moisture energy skin emulsion.

Tony Moly says that the Floria moisture energy skin emulsion gives you youthfully radiant skin and blooming baby face. That's quite a heavy promise to fulfill.

It's mostly made of natural flower extracts and is paraben free hence has no carcinogenic properties.

Tony Moly Hydra Energy Emulsion
Regular price: Php 828

I love the generous 130 ml bottle topped with a pump dispenser which reminds me so much of the beauty products I see in Korean telenovelas (specifically the series "49 Days") . It has an opaque white color and has the consistency of a light lotion that spreads easily and melts in your skin after application. It has a bit of a sticky finish but goes off in a while leaving your skin supple and smooth to touch. I'm not so crazy about the scent which reminds me of fresh roses, good thing it's not too strong and it instantly fades after a few minutes. The one thing that I don't like is the lack of SPF and its regular price tag. I think it's quite expensive for a moisturizer that doesn't even offer sun protection.

After a week of using this product I haven't seen any dramatic changes but it does have a moisturizing effect on my skin. Though I noticed a pimple about to break out on my chin since I started using this, I can't really conclude that this product is totally responsible. It may be because of hormonal changes since I'm nearing my period.

I love Tony Moly products but I honestly have to say that I won't be repurchasing this. Instead, I plan to buy their other moisturizers so I could choose which line best suits my skin type. Will I repurchase it at 50% off? Hmmm.. I might reconsider but I need to give this product more time to prove itself worthy of my undying support and recommendation.

          After almost 2 weeks of use, I have to admit that Tony Moly has done another great job of manufacturing their Floria line. The Floria hydra energy emulsion impressed me so much that I had to go to 2 separate Tony Moly branches just to buy the Floria youth energy cream. Now, I stand guilty of judging a product after just a week of use. I will definitely buy this even in its regular tag and I highly recommend it to those of you who want a product that can give you your desired results in due time.


  1. Nice review ^^ I never tried the emulsion but I have the toner c:

    1. Hi Marie, I also love the toner! I think it's their best seller among the Floria collection. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hi there! Just stumbled upon your review of the Tony Moly Floria products! I recently bought the Youth Energy Essence and Youth Energy Cream, because I loved the lavender packaging and the soft scent. And just today I bought the Hydra Energy Toner, and I might go buy the Emulsion tomorrow. Do you know the difference between the "Youth Energy" and the "Hydra Energy"???? Do they have 2 separate lines? I notice the toner is very soft and moisturizing, and I have oily skin. hummmmmm, but I also notice I don't really need any cream after using the toner. I am seriously loving Korean skincare lately. Please anyone, write in anything you know about the Tony Moly Floria. Where do you buy it in Korea? Here I find it in the Korean market boutique.

    1. Hi Ingrid, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I honestly never noticed they were named differently until I saw your comment. They all have the same lilac bottles and are grouped together on displays of every Tony Moly branch I've been to which is why I've always known they're from the same line and have the same benefits. Regardless of the name youth energy or hydra energy, they all fall under the same floria product range having the same active ingredients that help moisturize the skin and prevent early signs of aging for women in their 20's and 30's.