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Friday, November 30, 2012

Just when I thought Apple products NEVER go on sale, I got an email 2 weeks ago announcing Apple's one-day shopping event on November 23. Since it actually fell on Black Friday, I thought it was just for US residents so I didn't get too excited.

When Black Friday came, I checked out Apple's website to see how much discount they were giving away. I was shocked to see that the prices were in Philippine currency. I refreshed my connection to make sure, went back to Apple's official website and chose my country but the same site with prices in Philippine peso appeared. It was then that I got convinced Apple was in fact on worldwide sale.

Though the prices still hurt, the 30% discount on their Ipad Smart Case was too tempting to ignore. I really can't remember how much the other items were discounted but most apple products were included in the sale. I was still hesitant buying online since I'm pretty much sure Customs will still charge an additional fee which will defeat the purpose of saving. Good thing my curiosity prevailed and I purchased the Ipad smart case with 30% off its original value.

Though I LOVE everything pink, I got the polyurethane Ipad smart case in dark grey. I figured I already have the pink smart cover so getting the grey smart case is okay. The item was securely packaged in a brown carton. Inside is the original box with a transparent front cover and on the back was an illustration of how the smart cover looks when used with the Ipad.

The front is pretty much the same as the smart cover with its foldable top that can assume several functions such as the wake on open and sleep on close feature, landscape full stand and keyboard stand.

What sets the Ipad smart case apart from the smart cover is that it protects both the screen and aluminum back so the Ipad is fully covered on all sides.

Another thing I love about the smart case is you're able to have anything engraved on the back for a more personal touch.

My fiance engraved his favorite excerpt from Steve Job's speech during Stanford University's Commencement Exercises in 2005.

I'm impressed at how the smart case fits my Ipad like a glove. The docks for charger and ear phones, small openings for the mic, camera and side switch and the covered slots for the on/off and volume switches were accurately customized to fit the Ipad perfectly. The best part for me is the perforated portion on the bottom intended for the speakers preventing the sounds from being muffled. You still get a clear and crisp audio as if the Ipad had no case. 

True to its words, Apple did deliver my order within 3 days of shipment. It took approximately 5 days for my Ipad case to arrive from the time I made my purchase. It would've been faster if my order was made on a week day. Just the same, I'm pretty much impressed with how fast Apple processed, shipped and delivered the item. Hands down to their reliable and very efficient customer service. I wasn't charged with any additional fees and DHL delivered it directly to my doorstep.

This by far is the fastest and most efficient international transaction I've ever made. Makes me want to order all my Apple accessories online from now on. I do recommend the Apple online store to everyone who wants lightning fast and reliable delivery of apple products. How about you? Have you ever tried purchasing from Apple's online store? Do share your thoughts below on the comments section. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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