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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

About a couple of months ago, my cousin from Singapore surprised us with an unexpected visit. We got together as usual and celebrated over the one thing that never fails to make us happy.. FOOD.

Good thing we were all craving for pizza and pasta that day. Seeing the yellow and black stripes of Yellow Cab immediately perked our appetite.

I didn't know Yellow Cab already offers group meals called Fleet Packages" so it took us a little while to decide what to order. We eventually opted to get the package with an 18 inch pizza (New York's finest), two pasta dishes (Charlie Chan chicken pasta and Spaghetti with Meatballs), two small tubs of ice cream, half a pint each (Pistachio and Serendipity) and a pitcher of Coke.
With my beautiful cousins
Playing around with our spoons.. :)

But good food and AWESOME company weren't the only ones that made me smile that day, my cousin's pasalubong also played an important role. She gave me Bio-essence' BIO spring water spray.

I honestly wouldn't have bought this for myself two months ago because I really don't use water sprays even in the gym after work out. Also, I am an avid reader of product labels and this one doesn't look any different from a regular mineral water. Good thing my cousin gave me this and swears she got clearer skin on regular use. I started using this just a month ago and here are my thoughts:

This comes in a tall canister that can fit in your gym bag. I love that the spray works well each time, dispensing the contents in small particles that feel like cool mist sprayed on your skin. It instantly refreshes and hydrates, leaving your skin feeling clean and moisturized. I don't really feel my face tighten after each use, instead it makes my skin feel supple. This product didn't irritate my face or made me break out. As for the pore refining effect of this product, I feel like I have yet to observe if it does have that effect on me.

Bio-essence suggests daily use in almost any occasion but I use this in the morning before washing my face and at night before applying my skin care routine. It seems like an added step to my regimen but I really don't mind because it's easy to use and I feel it works well for my skin.

Overall, I do recommend the Bio-essence bio spring water to anyone who's willing to try something new for maintenance of healthy skin. Athletes or people on the go may find this very useful especially after work out or in the middle of the day when you want to freshen up. I will be purchasing one for myself when this runs out though I predict it won't be that soon since the canister is big enough to last me for months.

  • Thanks to my beautiful cousins Raquel, Treysie and Cyndy for the company.. I think we should do this more often.. Agree?
  • I am on the verge of buying a new ipad case from speck.. :)
  • My friends and I just watched Breaking Dawn 2 and it was BREATH TAKING.. Great twist in the end, for those who already read the book, you'll find it a bit different but in a good way.

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