FINO Leatherware

Friday, November 23, 2012

I've always wanted a Louis Vuitton but their bags are insanely out of my price range. Though I've been eyeing several designs like the classic Speedy, Neverfull and Alma, my conscience and budget always get in the way. Good thing there are other bags that are not as expensive but are as stylish and durable. Like bags from FINO Leatherware.

My first purchase from FINO was way back 2008 when I was still in my first year residency training. I wanted a slim wallet that can fit my blazer's breast pocket. Luckily I saw one in their Trinoma branch and it still looks good as of today.

I've been trying to search for their website or fan page so I could share some more info about the manufacturer but to no avail. What I actually found is far better than any source, a video interview of none other than the owner and Vice President for Marketing of FINO Leatherware, Rose Anne Bautista. She recalls how her husband, a doctor by profession, wanted a briefcase and had someone make it for him. The finished product turned out great that they decided to do business out of it.

Rose Anne with her husband started the business in 1992 with just a few handmade pieces. A friend helped them introduce their goods to big companies and they eventually bagged several corporate accounts. From then on FINO Leatherware grew to what it is today with their own manufacturing facility, nine store branches in Metro Manila and a steadily expanding clientele from all over the world.

This is a FINO bag which I purchased from their branch in Trinoma. I was meters away from the store when it caught my undivided attention. When I finally held the bag I couldn't get it off my hands. I'm loving that this shade of pink is not too bright that it sometimes mimic a red color. I got trigger happy with my Ipad one lazy afternoon hence the array of images.

It has a top handle and a shoulder strap so you can carry it which way you like. 
I prefer using it as a satchel so I could carry more things with my free hands. Also, it's more comfy that way. 

The back is plain and has no opening with just a tiny logo on the bottom.

The shoulder strap can be easily removed if you prefer to use this bag as hand carry though it really looks nice with the sling hanging from the bottom when carrying it by the handle.

The top handle is actually detachable, just unscrew the round metal thingy and pull the handle out but I do prefer leaving it the way it is.

The bag opening is seen in front by lifting the flap which is securely locked with buttons on both ends. I wish they just used  magnetic type buttons for this bag since it's a bit awkward and time consuming to align the buttons to close.

Inside is the FINO logo and a zipped back pocket for valuable items. This pocket provides a safer place for your wallets and phones if you failed to lock the front flap which I often do. It has an orange cotton lining with four more square pockets that can fit smaller items like your keys. Speaking of keys, I wish they threw in a key holder inside the bag for easy access.

Overall I adore this bag so much and I do recommend FINO bags to those who, just like me, are not yet into buying expensive bags. Though FINO bags don't come cheap, their prices are not at all exorbitant. They use imported genuine cowhide leather that they guarantee to last for years. 

FINO Leatherware ensures you high quality and durability with a lifetime warranty. Also, if you purchase a minimum amount of Php 10,000 worth of FINO products in a single transaction, you will be entitled to a lifetime 10% discount on all regular priced items from any FINO branch. Now how's that for a loyalty reward? 


  1. Patterned after Furla Piper?

    1. I didn't realize that until you asked. They do look the same so I guess they did pattern this to Furla.

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  3. OMG! That is one lustworthy bag, I have to say.
    I love that they give a 10% lifetime discount, too. Talk about added value.
    I can totally relate with your wavering 'cause I have my own LV lemmings, but you know what? At the end of the day I find LV so overrated! Cheers.

  4. Came across your blog by googling "doctor's bag" + leather + Philippines. (Am a doc too.) Myself, I like anonymous bags in best leather-- ie, no monograms or branding visible on the outside. I do have Vuitton bags, but use only those 2 that have almost microscopic markings on their metal hooks. Never bought Vuittons, Guccis, etc for myself since the men in my family have always been generous. Was (secretly) horrified to discover the cost of these bags and would never spend $2k on them. Such a waste of money when there is no discernable difference in quality with...say... best quality Spanish generic. My Rx: If FINO has good quality, then buy/take logo off-- and buy great pearls with savings.