hp 32GB Flash Drive

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Memory storage these days is relevant especially for a very sentimental person like me. I feel that it's a must to make memories last by preserving them in any way possible. Actually, one doesn't have to be sentimental to save things. Important documents, files, movies, games, pictures are just a few random things that need back up just in case you unexpectedly lose your original copy. 

Sad to say that I learned backing up files the hard way because all my documents literally sank down the drain when I lost my laptop during a disastrous flood in 2009. From then on, I vowed to having a rescue copy of all my important documents. Thanks to technology, big things now come in small packages like the hp USB flash drive I purchased from Deal Dozen over a month ago.

As the label says, this USB flash drive is true to its description of being sleek, compact and durable.

I love that it has a loop which can be easily attached to a key ring or bag zipper. This way, you have a lesser chance of misplacing it and you can always bring it with you anywhere you go.

This USB swings either way to expose and access the connector. Though this may look a little less sturdy for a USB, I think that the design is quite durable and stylish at the same time.

It's nearly as small as a Php 10 coin but has the capacity of storing 32 GB worth of data. How's that for such a small gadget that costs less than PhP 1,000?

I do recommend this to those who need extra storage space without the hassle of having to use a bulky external drive. I'll consider buying another for myself if I'll be needing it in the future but for now, this hp 32GB USB flash drive is enough to back up my important data.

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