TONY MOLY: Clear Water eye and lip makeup remover

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I've always been very particular with washing my face at the end of the day especially after wearing makeup. I usually go straight to washing without the aid of a makeup remover but recently during my visit to Tony Moly, I gave in to getting myself one.

I got the Tony Moly clear water lip and eye makeup remover bundled with a Cat's Wink mascara but it can also be bought separately. 

The makeup remover comes in a 165 ml  frosted plastic bottle with a flip top. I was so excited when I saw the familiar suction cap. If it weren't for reading other blogs on skin care products, I wouldn't have known how to dispense the contents. If this is your first time to see such container, read on to find out how it works and see if you'll be amazed like I was initially.

Step 1: Place the cotton pad/ball on top of the suction cap.

Step 2: Gently push downward just like a pump dispenser.

Step 3: Lift the cotton off the suction cap and see how the contents are absorbed entirely by the pad.

Effectively removes makeup, even water proof and long wearing mascaras
It didn't cause any adverse skin reactions
It leaves your skin fresh and hydrated without any greasy feeling
It has a refreshing scent
Dispenses the right amount of product with just a single pump

The Php 398 tag is quite steep for its amount.

This product impressed me since day 1 and I do recommend it to those who want an effective makeup remover that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and nongreasy. I am definitely replenishing this once it runs out. 

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