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Friday, November 16, 2012

We all have products that we LOVE so much they never fail to make it in our shopping list. These are items we keep on buying or stuff we always come back to even if we tried other brands. Just last night, I was mentally listing down products I'm running out of while doing my nightly skin care routine. I realized I have more than a few products I'm pretty much loyal to in the past years.

YSA's erythromycin and acne lotion are the two toners I can't live without. I use them hand in hand to prevent and treat pimple break outs I never fail to have every month. I've been a loyal user, believer and advocate of these medicated toners since I was 18, the time I started seeking professional skin care consult. 

I've been using Kojic acid soap since it became a fad during my post graduate years. Though I use other bar soaps, bath gels and body wash from different brands, I always go back to using this for my face and entire body. 

Olay total effects serum is the very first anti-aging product I tried and has become a mainstay in my skin care routine. I've repurchased this more than a few times because it delivers visible results and I really haven't found any substitute that can match this serum's performance.

I got to try The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil a little over a year ago and it did wonders on my pimple prone skin. So much so that I bought the entire tea tree line from The Body Shop including facial wash/foam, toner, moisturizer and even concealer. Though I haven't been reaching for this lately, it's still included in my most repurchased items.

Burt's bees lip shimmer is one of the greatest lip products to hit the beauty industry. I love the shades fig and rhubarb because they match my skin tone perfectly. They give just the right hint of color to your lips leaving them with a naturally moisturized finish. 

The Face Shop's Flower shimmer finish pact is my most repurchased compact a few years ago. I remember replenishing this even if I still have more left to use. Sad thing is they don't make them anymore. This powder is not at all too shimmery, it gives your face just the right glow for a naturally radiant finish. I still haven't found anything like this from other brands but I do hope The Face Shop will come to their senses and get this amazing product back on their shelves.

Moschino funny  is my mostly repurchased perfume because it smells so clean and fresh. It doesn't give off a strong scent and it can be used in any occasion. I love that it stays on for a decent amount of time.

Belo essentials lotion with spf15 has been my daily moisturizer and sunblock  for the past 2 years. I actually mentioned this instead of the newer version that has spf 30 because this is the particular product I've repurchased for several times before the new version was released.

Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion is another body lotion I've repurchased for so many times. I love that S&R usually have this on sale because my friends and I get to stock up. I usually apply this at night before bedtime to keep my skin moisturized overnight.

Tony Moly's luminous sheer base is one of my TM favorites that I've repurchased several times and luckily almost always during a promo. I recently got this for 50% off a few weeks ago and I got it in the same discounted tag during my previous purchase. 

Aveeno leave-on treatment is the only hair care product I've repurchased over and over. I don't usually put on hair treatment products but I do love maintaining my hair with Aveeno. This stuff smells quite like vanilla which I don't really like, but the scent goes off after application.

I was planning on making this list really short but I can't help sharing all my most repurchased and replenished products. How about you, what stuff have you been repurchasing? I would love to hear about them so we can compare notes. Just key them in the comments section below.

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