YUKA: Nail Polish Remover

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I love having clean and freshly polished nails. I usually prefer natural or nude colors on my finger nails and darker shades of red or old rose on my toe nails. Since I don't have much talent and patience in applying nail color, I visit the nail spa as often as possible. But sometimes a busy schedule or a tight budget gets in the way so I'm left with no choice but to do my own nails. Though I do enjoy it, I still dread removing chipped nail polish from a previous mani-pedi because it can get messy and result to dry cuticles. Good thing I was introduced to Yuka nail polish remover wipes.

I wasn't too excited about this when I got it from the November BDJ box simply because I seldom do my own mani-pedi. I just tried it because I've been sporting unsightly chipped finger nail polish for more than a week now. 

For reference, I used the following on my finger nails: 
CK nail primer, Sally Hansen Advanced hard as nails in natural shade and strengthening top coat. That's a total of 3 coats so you could just imagine how tough it can get to remove them.


The Yuka nail polish remover wipes were stacked neatly in a small plastic container. First time I opened the cover, it reeked of alcohol with a hint of fruity grape scent. It might be due to being sealed for a long time since it didn't smell as strong in the following instances. The pads were quite thin but well soaked and it only took a few gentle rubs for the polish to come off. It wasn't at all messy, I think the pads absorbed the polish efficiently without leaving any residue. A single sheet was enough to remove the polish on all my finger nails. Awesome! This simple yet effective product just inspired me to do my own mani-pedi more often.

Without batting an eyelash, I recommend this to everyone especially those who love redoing their nail polish often. This will save you time, effort and money since you don't need to have your nails done professionally, you can easily do it yourself! I will definitely restock once this is consumed which I think won't be too soon because one pack has 35 sheets. This is enough to last anyone a lot of time before repurchasing.


  1. Where to buy this?

    1. Hi Karen, I got this from my November BDJ box and I haven't seen this on displays at the mall. I asked the BDJ team where to buy it and they said it will be available in the market soon. I'll keep this post updated once I see it in stores.

    2. By the way, thank you for reading and have a good day!

  2. Oki, thank you for the response. :) I was also looking for it in the mall. Thanks again :)