Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Sunday, December 30, 2012

If you're as forgetful as I am, I bet you've collected a number of eco bags in different colors and style from several establishments. Not that I don't like them, I'm actually impressed with the sturdy material and trendy colors of these bags that I don't regret buying them whenever I feel the need to. But there are times when I feel a little guilty about buying another eco bag when I already have so much of them in my closet. Like a few days ago when I dropped by the mall just to window shop but ended up going home with these..

Such days when you unexpectedly buy more than a few stuff make you want to routinely bring an eco bag with you everyday. I was just planning to look around and get some gift ideas for my family but I couldn't resist buying items on sale.

Well these weren't on sale but I had to get the Floria Cleansing Oil because I ran out of the Shu Uemura samples from Sample Room and the full size is way too expensive. I also got the Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint 03 which is usually out of stock because they're so much in demand. So if you haven't tried this small lip wonder in a pot, go get yourself one while they're available. They also gave me 2 free sachets of Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream which I intend to try out soon so don't miss out on my upcoming review and add me to your reading list.

If you've been reading my previous posts, I mentioned about giving this Hello Kitty nail clippers to my friends. They ran out of stocks in Sanrio SM North last November so I had to go back and buy one for myself. 

I went to EO and got myself 2 pairs of colored lenses from Flex Wear Enhance at 20% discount and they generously pitched in 2 lens cases for free. I like Dali brown better because of its subtle shade that goes almost unnoticed so it looks really natural when worn compared to toast brown.

This picture doesn't give justice to these lovely fresh water pearl earrings. I love that pearl earrings are timeless and can be worn in any occasion.

These were freshly displayed at Seiko in SM North and you wouldn't believe the tag. They're way cheaper than the others yet they look great. The box doubles as a coin bank and the pink watch also comes with a small magnetic alarm clock.

Last but certainly not the least, I got gifts for my mom. A chiffon blouse printed with blue flowers and a cream polo shirt. I got them wrapped at the mall for free so I didn't have the chance to take pictures. 

Obviously I needed the eco bag to carry everything home. By the way, I rediscovered a favorite beauty guru in You Tube, Miss Michelle Phan and I got inspired by her work that I decided to play with imovie and make a new video about this entry. I hope you like it, please bear with me on this because I'm still in the process of learning how to make videos. I will appreciate your comments if you have any so feel free to use the comments section below. Happy new year everyone!

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