CC Cream: The Next Best Thing?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aloha! In the past days,I've been so busy with wedding preparations and I have to say HAIL to all wedding organizers. The stress level it entails is way up there so I can't imagine doing this more than once, more so doing it for others I don't even know. So to all brides/grooms out there, be considerate and reasonable when dealing with your organizers. You'd be surprised at how they can go above and beyond the call of duty just by treating them nicely.

On to the subject of this post. Early last year I heard of CC creams as the next best thing in the beauty industry. Surprisingly (or not), it didn't really make the headlines nor make a great impact on consumers unlike BB creams. I for one was quite skeptical about it because it felt too obvious that they're hitching onto the popularity of BB creams. Remember, consumers nowadays are wiser and can't be fooled into thinking that newer products perform better than their predecessors.

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CC cream, short for color correcting cream has been spotted as early as 2009 and made popular in Asia by Rachel K after its debut in 2011. In 2012, Chanel launched its own CC cream in China making it the first international brand in the market. Shortly after, Olay joined in the band wagon and came up with their own version.

Olay Total Effects CC Cream comes in a 50 ml slim container with a pump. I'm quite impressed of how the contents were designed like a vertical helix. I may have dropped this several times yet it remained intact. Now I can't wait to consume it to see how it looks when half empty.

The texture is comparable to a thick cream but is non greasy
Virtually scent free.
It easily melts in your skin hence making application effortless.
It blends well with your complexion without leaving a white or gray cast.
It gives you a moisturized and dewy finish that doesn't appear oily.
Provides sun protection (spf 15).
It doesn't feel heavy on your skin.
It didn't cause skin irritation or pimple break outs.
It only takes a small amount to cover your entire face and neck.

It can only offer you sheer coverage.
Your skin may get a little greasy over time.
Not yet widely available.
It's quite expensive.

For better coverage, use it with a concealer or top it with a foundation. To keep your face from getting oily, retouch with a finishing powder especially in the middle of the day. You may also use an oil blotting film if you're not into face powders.

I had mixed reactions when I found out Olay came up with their own CC cream. First, I felt happy because Olay is my ultimate favorite moisturizer but a bit sad because I've been commending them for standing by their products and not formulating new ones just to join in the BB craze. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for new and improved skin care products especially the ones made by Olay but it would've been better to stick with the label tone correcting rather than color correcting. At the end of the day, the name won't even matter especially when a product delivers great results.

Overall, I like the Olay Total Effects CC Cream but I have to admit that after using this for several days, I haven't noticed its difference from a BB Cream. Maybe it's still early to make a final judgement but in terms of immediate benefits like coverage, sun protection and moisturization, both BB and CC creams deliver similar effects. I will continue using this but if it delivers the same benefits as a BB cream, I may have to go back to my BB cream and not repurchase this once consumed.

I recommend this to those who need sheer coverage and are fond of using BB creams or tinted moisturizers. For those who need fuller coverage, this might still work when used with concealer or powder foundation.

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