SAMPLE ROOM: Moringa, AHAVA, Mir & Ryvi

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hey guys! I was home a little early today and got myself a treat from the mail. Inside are my samples courtesy of Sample Room, the very first sampling site here in the Philippines. This online community aims to give us consumers the opportunity to try out products in their sample sizes before splurging on them. 

I've been an avid follower of Sample Room since it started this year and I must say I have discovered a couple of must-haves via this amazing site like the Shu Uemura Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil and Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener.

This time I got 3 samples one of which is in full size and I only paid a hundred pesos for shipping. I haven't really tried them but I will in the next several days. For now, I just want to share with you what I got.

Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion
"Moringa-O2 combines powerful multivitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals from Malunggay, Olive Oil and Omega to deeply nourish and moisturize dry and sensitive skin. Moringa-O2 is best recommended for those with the following skin conditions: dry, sensitive skin, itchy skin, aging skin, skin asthma and Keratosis Pilaris." -Sample Room
Full Size: 125ml
Price: Php 129.75
Sample Size: 12ml (full) 

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream 
"Mineral-enriched cream specially formulated to protect hands and safeguard them from climatic hazards and household damage. Instantly smoothes chapped, dry skin and restores suppleness." -Sample Room
Full size: 100ml
Price: Php 650
Sample Size: 20ml

Mir & Ryvi Skin Lightening Papaya Soap
"Exposure to UV radiation and other pollutants can make skin dull and dark. Our skin lightening bar naturally helps make skin fairer. Papaya enzymes work as exfoliator. Our mulberry extract, sourced from the jeju island, has been clinically proven effective in inhibiting the tyrosinase activity on the skin. Tyrosinae activity is responsible for melanin production that, in turn, darkens skin. The mulberry extract is highly potent yet very gentle. Our soap naturally makes skin fairer without the side effects of hydroquinone." -Sample Room
Full Size: 140g
Price: Php 250
Sample Size: 30g

I'm excited to try out these samples and tell you how they are after a few days of use. If you want to receive samples of your own from Sample Room, click here to register and start getting premium product samples right to your doorstep.

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  1. Wow where to buy that Malunggay lotion?

    1. Hi Karen, sorry for the late reply. I haven't seen it on displays at leading malls yet but once I see it somewhere I'll get back to you. Thanks for dropping by. By the way, if you want to try this, check out and register for free. :)

    2. Karen, I hope you get to read this update. I saw Moringa-O2 Malungay lotion on display at Save More Supermarket in Anonas Q.C. so I bet it's already available in any of their branches nationwide. I hope this helps!

  2. Smells like EA green tea