Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Most of you are probably thinking that having a new year's resolution is old school or the thing of the past. I thought of it the same way and initially decided I won't have any this year until I rediscovered this..

The cover might give you an impression that it's an autobiography of someone famous, a national hero, a former president, a music icon or someone who won a Nobel prize. We can go on speculating who this great person is but I bet no one will ever guess it correctly until you open the pages.

Inside are blank pages. Yes, it's a journal which means that the great person is he/she who owns it, in this case I'm the great person. I still find it awkward thinking of myself as such but as Bo Sanchez says, each one of us is God's masterpiece created in His own image and likeness hence we are great and we are bound to do great things
to serve others. 

In comes my new year's resolution. I pledge to do my best in every endeavor so that I can be who I'm intended to be, a great child of a GREAT GOD created in His image and likeness. A great person who can help inspire others to do the same. I may not achieve this overnight, but I know I will in God's grace. How about you, what's your new year's resolution? You might want to consider being great too.

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