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Friday, January 11, 2013

Hey guys! I recently browsed through multiply and was surprised to find out that it's been exclusively turned into an online shopping site. I'm actually loving the concept because unlike ebay they offer more convenient payment options to online customers. 

I've been wanting to get a Sigma dry n' shape so I could easily clean and dry my makeup brushes but ordering it online will take weeks and costs a lot. Good thing I saw this on multiply.

The Brush Guard is designed to protect the bristles of your makeup brushes and makes drying and storage hassle free and fool proof. 


There are different sets available but I got the variety pack so I could try them on all my brushes. This includes 4 different sizes of brush guards covering everything from the smallest eye liner brush to the largest powder brush. Come to think of it, I wish I bought 2 packs so I could use one for storage and the other for cleaning. 

If you're familiar with curl formers, they pretty much have the same nylon woven material but the similarity ends there because The Brush Guard is flat and shorter.

For demonstration purposes I used my ever reliable Sigma premium travel kit which I use everyday but don't get to clean as often as I want to.

The variety pack is just right to clean almost all the brushes in the kit. The woven nylon stretches to accommodate the brushes leaving small spaces that allow them to breathe. 

Aside from storage, The Brush Guard also helps shape and dry your newly washed brushes. To clean your brushes you need anti-bacterial dish washing liquid, olive oil, plate, wide mouth glass container and your brush guards.

Mix 3 parts of anti-bacterial dish washing liquid and 1 part of olive oil. Dip each brush then swirl until all the dirt comes off.  

Rinse them under running water, gently squeeze the brush to remove excess water and blot each brush against dry tissue paper. Slip the brush guard over the handle until it extends 1/4 to 1/2 beyond the bristles. Allow the brushes to stand in a glass container with the bristles pointing down. This way, you're preventing water to reach the ferrule and cause early damage. 

Now I have a new set of clean makeup brushes to use.

You have to be careful with slipping the brush in each guard and check if the bristles are secured and not peeking through the tiny spaces otherwise the bristles might flair out.

I love that The Brush Guard is capable of multitasking as it helps shape and protect your brushes during storage or cleaning. It's also very affordable and can be bought locally via multiply. I got mine for only Php 250 with free delivery. I will definitely buy another set so I could store my other brushes and alternate them weekly. I also highly recommend The Brush Guard to everyone who owns makeup brushes.

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