Updated Kikay Kit Essentials

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First of all I would like to greet everyone a happy and prosperous new year. I love that we get to have another chance to make things right or at least better. Though you can always start to improve yourself any day of the year it still feels different to do it on a momentous day when everyone else is sharing the same passion in the spirit of the holidays.

On to the real topic of this post, I figured that my kikay kit (vanity kit) needs to be updated for the new year. I'm making just a few changes so I can use other stuff I love.

I'm using this pouch from The Body Shop's tea tree travel set I bought a couple of years ago. It really pays to keep free pouches from gift sets. Anyway, you have to congratulate me on this because my vanity essentials are now down to 9 items.

(1) Kleenex oil control film is a must-have especially for those who tend to have oily skin in the middle of the day.

(2) The Body Shop all-in-one face base is my current favorite finishing powder since I started using it a couple of months ago. Just a few dabs help even out your complexion and reduce shine.

(3) The Body Shop mini hairbrush is a gift I got years ago but I never got to use it until lately. I love that the bristles are blunt  at the tips and don't hurt your scalp when used. The size is just right to fit in any pouch without taking too much space.

(4) Sanrio nail cutter or any nail cutter for that matter can come in handy anytime you need some nail clipping and don't have the time to have your nails done in a salon. I prefer this because it's designed to trap pieces of your clipped nail so you can use it anywhere without making a mess.

(5) Smashbox O-glow is my not so favorite cheek tint but after watching Miss Michelle Phan's way of applying cheek stains by patting quickly around the apples of her cheeks, I gave this another try and I'm glad to say that I'm loving the results.

(6) Tony Moly Cat's Wink Mascara is one of the slimmest  full size mascara I've seen. Though it's not my most favorite, it's still a good mascara that adds volume and a little bit of length to your lashes.

(7) Clinique Chubby Stick in super strawberry has been an indispensable item. I love the variety of colors available and how it instantly moisturizes you lips. The tapered tip that resembles a jumbo crayon enables it to reach the slim corners of your lips but the downside is it gets blunt after a while.

(8) Benefit Posie Tint gives your lips a natural flushed look and is best coupled with a lip balm or gloss for a more moisturized finish. 

(9) The Body Shop retractable brush is actually a blush brush that can double as a face brush. I love that it's retractable so the bristles are protected from being deformed. The bristles are so soft and densely packed that it glides smoothly on your face.

So that's it, I can't believe I'm surviving with just a few items in my kikay kit. Let's see if  I can trim it down again next year with just the most essential stuff. How about you, what do you carry around in your vanity kit?

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