YVES ROCHER: Hydra Vegetal Cleansing Milk

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hey guys! Last month, I felt like my skin is getting dry from frequent washing. Though I've been religiously applying moisturizer day and night, my skin still feels like it lacks moisture. So I made a few alterations in my skin care routine. Since I always use BB Cream for my daily look, I think I can afford to skip washing my face at night. What I do need is a good cleansing milk that can effectively rid my face of makeup and dirt. Good thing I already have one from my October BDJ box.

This is Yves Rocher hydra vegetal cleansing milk formulated to eliminate all traces of makeup and impurities. The sample size came in a 50ml bottle but the full size is 200ml.

It has a refreshing scent and the texture of a thin lotion. It applies effortlessly and feels cool on your skin. A small amount is enough to effectively clean your face. I love that the scent gives you a fresh feeling the same way when you wash your face. Since I started using this at night, I noticed waking up to a nicely moisturized face in the morning. Though this works for me now, I can't really substitute this for washing my face so I just might be doing this once in a while.

Overall, I love the Yves Rocher hydra vegetal cleansing milk and I will consider buying one in the future when this runs out. I do recommend this to those who want an alternative way of facial cleansing.

♥ ♥ ♥

BURT'S BEES: Tinted Lip Balm

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey guys! Yesterday, I noticed my lips getting dry and flaky. I'm not sure if it's due to the cold weather we've had since the week started or because of my lip gloss. I recently started using VMV Hypoallergenics lip glitter gloss. Though I doubt it's the one causing my dilemma because I've been using it for a week now, still delayed hypersensitivity reaction is a possibility. This is why I temporarily stopped using it and got myself Burt's Bees tinted lip balm.

I got this from Beauty Bar Robinson's Galleria while window shopping during coffee break from our convention in Crowne Plaza Hotel. Good thing we did because Red Dahlia, the shade I've been eyeing since I learned about this product a couple of years ago was luckily available. This particular shade is selling like pancakes that you don't get to see them in most Beauty Bar branches.

The packaging is not too fancy, just the usual lip gloss tube sealed in a recyclable container. 

When I opened the cap, I was quite hesitant to try this on because the color looks really dark. Good thing they had sample tubes available so I immediately made swatches on my hand. Surprisingly, the shades are so sheer that even this one didn't look as dark as the actual stick.

See how it compares to my Clinique chubby stick in super strawberry? Though the shades are different, still the intensity of color is more noticeable with the Clinique chubby stick. This product glides smoothly on your lips and doesn't have a fruity or minty taste. It's virtually scent free and is super hydrating. I love the way it feels so light on your lips even after layering it several times. The color is also quite impressive because even if this shade is sheer, it naturally compliments my lips. Since this is only a tinted lip balm, retouches are necessary after a few hours. The only thing I'm not so crazy about this product is the price but for a lip balm this great, I am willing to give this a go. 

Overall, I love Burt's Bees tinted lip balm and I will definitely buy one again. I do recommend this to those who want a lip balm that can deliver superb moisture with a hint of color that looks so natural yet flattering.  

♥ ♥ ♥


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hey guys! Not too long ago after watching Miss Michelle Phan's bag makeover, I was inspired to follow one of her organizing tips which is to look for a rectangular wallet that has compartments for your cards, cash and receipts. Luckily I got this..

This Charles & Keith wallet has a side strap and flip type closure on top. I love the textured finish and that the color is not too feminine. The front pocket houses a separate card holder with 12 slots for standard sized IDs or credit cards and two more for small memory or sim cards. Impressive!

The back has an extra pocket and inside, the wallet is lined with fabric. Overall, I love this wallet to bits because aside from being stylish it's also very functional. What about you? What organizing tips have you tried and how were they? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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PANTENE: Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm not too much keen on hair care products and I have never gotten hair treatment procedures that cost much. But in the past years when different brands have come up with do-it-yourself hair treatment that can be conveniently done in the comfort of your home, I couldn't help but try them.

I am not very particular with the brand because I know that an expensive tag or even a popular name doesn't always guarantee great results. My last hair care regimen was Dove and just recently Pantene Pro-V which I got from the December-January BDJ box.

Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water (100 ml), Php 259.00

The Pantene Pro-V all day smooth miracle water is a leave on treatment intended to beat dryness and humidity in any weather. 

It comes in a 100 ml slim plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I love that the container is handy and designed to easily dispense the product.Though you may need to pump more than a couple of times to get the right amount. This smells really pleasant and doesn't reek of strong chemical scent. 

It appears translucent and the texture is comparable to a serum. It doesn't feel sticky and it melts almost instantly with your hair strands leaving them moisturized without looking greasy or oily. I love that it tames my hair especially short ones that tend to stick out from the rest of my strands. 

Overall, I am in LOVE with the Pantene Pro-V all day smooth miracle water that I intend to hoard several bottles. It's a must try product for everyone because it truly delivers great results for a reasonable tag.

♥ ♥ ♥

Have that natural GLOWW

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hey guys! It's been a busy week for me since monday so I haven't really been sticking to my skin care regimen in the past couple of days. Good thing there are ways to quicken your skin care routine without compromising quality of results.

Makeup remover wipes are probably one of the best creations in the beauty industry. I love that they effectively clean your face free of makeup and dirt with just a few strokes. I know that wipes won't ever be as efficient as washing your face when it comes to cleansing but it's the closest thing you can do that doesn't require too much time and energy. So when you're dead tired at the end of the day, like I have been for the past few days, grabbing a sheet and gently wiping your face free of makeup is way smarter than sleeping on it. You may also apply cleansing milk on your face before using the wipes.

If you don't have time applying several products on your face, you may opt to try supplements that can help you achieve healthier skin. In my case, I'm planing to start using GLOWW.

These GLOWW supplements came in a box and were sealed in a foil pack for added protection. One box contains 30 capsules good for 2-4 weeks depending on how frequent you take them. They recommend 2 capsules a day for the 1st 4 to 8 weeks and one capsule a day thereafter. Each box costs Php 750 so you'll be spending Php 1,500 per month on the first 2 months and Php 750 per month afterwards. I actually got these for free from Shen's Addiction Anniversary Promo so my first 2 weeks are covered. I think it's enough time to see if they work well for me so I'll decide in the next couple of weeks whether to continue this or not.

♥ ♥ ♥

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Victoria's Secret

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some people are reminded of their past when listening to old hits like Macarena (hmmm.. interesting choice of song!) while others remember their childhood when seeing old movies like Ghost and Titanic. In my case, I was brought down memory lane with a certain scent, Victoria's Secret Endless Love.

These are Victoria's Secret gift sets from our loving relatives in Virginia. A few days before, my friend and I were actually talking about how lucky we are that we don't need to buy our own perfumes because our loved ones never fail to include them as pasalubong every time they visit.

This gift set includes a pair of body butters, fragrance mists and body lotions in Love Spell and Pure Seduction. The combination screams of femininity. Both exude a sweet, flowery scent that's not over powering. 

Now this set contains the scent which brought back memories of my junior internship. I used Endless Love body cream back then and got compliments from the divine scent. Several years after, I got hold of the body mist and lotion but I was quite surprised they didn't smell as pleasant as the body cream. I don't mean to be rude, but they honestly remind me so much of a generic car freshener. Anyway, I still think that this gift set is great though I love the other one better. Inside are fragrance mists and body lotions in Secret Charm, Sheer Love and Endless Love. 

I love that these are in travel friendly sizes and that you get to try more than one scent. The packaging is very elegant and you can just pop a ribbon on top and give them as gifts to your friends. The only problem with these is you can't choose which products will go together since they're already packed in sets. But I think that's the beauty of gift sets, you get to try other things you wouldn't normally buy and sometimes you end up with an accidental good buy.

♥ ♥ ♥

Warm Bodies

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey guys! A few days ago I watched Miss Michelle Phan's video and got curious with one of the books she mentioned liking, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. 

This book is about zombies and how a particular zombie wanted to connect with the world. Quite an interesting twist if you ask me.

It wasn't too long when a good friend mentioned that it has been made into a movie and is actually showing in theaters nationwide. 

Watching the official trailer on You Tube got me more interested with the plot. It's quite clever how the author twisted the usual and came up with a story that focuses on the other side. The usual villains, the zombies, have been given the spot light and though it's wierd, I still find it interesting to know what goes on with them.

Since I'm still setting up a good time to watch this with my girl friends, I thought of seeing the preview on ibooks. I eventually got hooked and wanted to read more so I got the full version. Actually my fiancé get it for me. Anyway, so far I'm liking the way the story goes and I'm curious how it is on wide screen. Maybe in the next couple of days I can share my insights on both versions and let you know if one is better than the other.

♥ ♥ ♥

AHAVA: Mineral Hand Cream

Sampe room has done it again. They have exceeded my expectation of coming up with products that appeal to us consumers in more ways possible. Just a week ago, I was prompted through email that Sample Room restocked. Good thing there were more than a couple of products that did interest me and my points were enough to avail of the samples.

It really didn't take much time for me to choose from the products since I was already set on what I wanted to get. I've been wanting a hand lotion that can fit my kikay kit without taking too much space. Luckily, Sample Room had many stocks of AHAVA mineral hand cream.

The sample came in a 20 ml squeeze type tube, just right to fit in any purse. It has a creamy texture that spreads effortlessly on your skin. I love the way it leaves your hands feeling soft and velvety after application.   The scent is not too appealing for me but it's not so much of a concern because it fades almost instantly. It's also paraben free and allergy tested hence approved for sensitive skin.

Overall, I love the way this hand cream feels on my skin and I might consider getting myself the full size despite the expensive tag (Php 650/100 ml tube). If you're on the look out for a good hand cream that helps your skin feel smooth and velvety then you will love this as much as I do.

♥ ♥ ♥