A Trip Down Memory Lane with Victoria's Secret

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some people are reminded of their past when listening to old hits like Macarena (hmmm.. interesting choice of song!) while others remember their childhood when seeing old movies like Ghost and Titanic. In my case, I was brought down memory lane with a certain scent, Victoria's Secret Endless Love.

These are Victoria's Secret gift sets from our loving relatives in Virginia. A few days before, my friend and I were actually talking about how lucky we are that we don't need to buy our own perfumes because our loved ones never fail to include them as pasalubong every time they visit.

This gift set includes a pair of body butters, fragrance mists and body lotions in Love Spell and Pure Seduction. The combination screams of femininity. Both exude a sweet, flowery scent that's not over powering. 

Now this set contains the scent which brought back memories of my junior internship. I used Endless Love body cream back then and got compliments from the divine scent. Several years after, I got hold of the body mist and lotion but I was quite surprised they didn't smell as pleasant as the body cream. I don't mean to be rude, but they honestly remind me so much of a generic car freshener. Anyway, I still think that this gift set is great though I love the other one better. Inside are fragrance mists and body lotions in Secret Charm, Sheer Love and Endless Love. 

I love that these are in travel friendly sizes and that you get to try more than one scent. The packaging is very elegant and you can just pop a ribbon on top and give them as gifts to your friends. The only problem with these is you can't choose which products will go together since they're already packed in sets. But I think that's the beauty of gift sets, you get to try other things you wouldn't normally buy and sometimes you end up with an accidental good buy.

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I used to be a fan of Endless Love too! heehe... and Calgon Ginger. They were so in vogue in college :D