Warm Bodies

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey guys! A few days ago I watched Miss Michelle Phan's video and got curious with one of the books she mentioned liking, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. 

This book is about zombies and how a particular zombie wanted to connect with the world. Quite an interesting twist if you ask me.

It wasn't too long when a good friend mentioned that it has been made into a movie and is actually showing in theaters nationwide. 

Watching the official trailer on You Tube got me more interested with the plot. It's quite clever how the author twisted the usual and came up with a story that focuses on the other side. The usual villains, the zombies, have been given the spot light and though it's wierd, I still find it interesting to know what goes on with them.

Since I'm still setting up a good time to watch this with my girl friends, I thought of seeing the preview on ibooks. I eventually got hooked and wanted to read more so I got the full version. Actually my fiancé get it for me. Anyway, so far I'm liking the way the story goes and I'm curious how it is on wide screen. Maybe in the next couple of days I can share my insights on both versions and let you know if one is better than the other.

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