Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you're all work and stress free for the holy week. I've been spending a lot of time with family and close friends in the past days but I couldn't resist to leave an entry that I've been itching to share since last week.

After availing of the free samples from Kiehl's Trinoma using a Belle De Jour voucher, I am now making this review to walk you through my experience with this well liked and highly acclaimed brand.

This Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser came in a 3 ml sachet. I thought this wouldn't last me a week but it miraculously did. True to its claim, this cleanser does lather up quickly and you'd be surprised at how a teeny weeny amount can cover your entire face. It's scent free and has the texture of a thick foam. It feels so smooth and silky when massaged on your face. What I'm not so crazy about this cleanser is it tends to make your skin feel squeaky clean after washing as if you've been stripped of your skin's natural moisture. Though your skin doesn't come off looking dry, this may not be the best product for you if you have dry skin. Overall, this is a good cleanser but not as great to splurge on so I won't be getting the full size.

My sample of Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment came in this 5 ml sachet. This one lasted for only 5 days since I was using it twice daily and you really need to put a pea size each on your forehead, cheeks and chin to cover your entire face. This acne treatment is opaque white with the texture of a runny lotion. This product truly delivers when it comes to clearing active acne blemishes as it effectively dried out 2 tiny cystic pimples on my forehead in just a single application. What I don't like about this is it reeks of chemical scent upon application that lingers for more than a few minutes so if you're sensitive about how a product smells then you won't be very happy with this. Just a heads up, this can be really drying on your face so never forget to put on moisturizer after every use.

I'm not quite impressed with its ability to reduce post-acne marks within less than a week's use but I think I really need to continue using it before making any final judgements. This is why I will be purchasing the full size soon to help clear my blemishes and finally put an end to my post acne marks that seems to be taking forever to disappear. The only downside to this is the price (around Php 1,800+, Sorry I can't remember exactly how much) but for a product that shows a lot of promise in treating acne blemishes, this is really worth the expensive tag.

Lastly, my sample of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is in this 3 ml sachet which sadly lasted for only 4 days since I also use this twice daily after applying the acne treatment. You also need a pea size each on your forehead, cheeks and chin for assured coverage. It's translucent white and has the texture comparable to a serum. It's virtually scent free and leaves your face well hydrated without feeling greasy or looking shiny. This would've been perfect with spf which for me is quite okay since I always use BB Cream with spf on top of any moisturizer. I love that this product made my skin feel well hydrated and supple the next morning. Although I am impressed with this moisturizer, I may not be purchasing it anytime soon since I still have a ton of moisturizers in my stash but I might give this a go the next time I need to purchase one. I do recommend this to those who are willing to splurge on a quality moisturizer.

In summary, I think the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser is okay-ish but I don't recommend it to those with dry skin. I love the Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment as well as the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream but I'm only getting the former in full size and I'll think about getting the latter once I run out of moisturizers in my stash.

How about you? Have you tried any product from Kiehl's? How are you liking them so far? If you haven't and you have a Belle De Jour power planner, you may get free samples from Kiehl's by using one of the vouchers. Remember, you don't need to purchase anything to get the free samples. So head on now to your nearest Kiehl's boutique to experience skin care the Kiehl's way.

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  • The people behind Kiehl's Facebook page were kind enough to provide me with the following information:

  • I can't wait to buy the full size! I hope I'll finally have a holy grail when it comes to pimple treatment.
  • I did a little make over on my product storage over the long weekend which I will be sharing very soon.

ELLANA: Flat Top Brush

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey guys! When it comes to applying BB cream, I usually rely on my finger tips to get the job done. I use a pea size then pat it all over my face. Though this simple method works well for me, there are times when I wish there was a quicker way to do it. After watching one of emilynoel83's makeup tutorials on YouTube and seeing her use a flat brush while applying her liquid foundation, I realized I could try using one
with my BB cream. 

Ellana Flat Top Brush from Crossings Trinoma (Php 350)

A few days ago, I went on a haunt for my very first flat top brush. I saw several brands like elf, Suesh, Charm and Ellana but my instincts at that time pointed me towards choosing Ellana, a brand which believe me, I've never heard of. 

This Ellana flat top brush has a silver ferrule and a black matte handle with the brand name etched on it. Notice how the bristles have lighter color on the tips. 

I really find this brush amazing because the bristles are extremely soft and densely packed that they feel so smooth on your face. I love how this brush makes BB cream application effortless and quick. It perfectly evens out your skin tone with just a few circular strokes. I'm also quite surprised that it comes with an affordable tag of Php 350 which is pretty much the main reason why I chose this over Suesh (Php 850) and Charm (Php 650) brushes in the first place. Although elf was the cheapest in the bunch (Php 249), I find the bristles more stiff and rough than the others hence cutting down my choices to three.

All three remaining brushes are equally soft and packed but the one from Suesh has a smaller diameter compared to both Ellana and Charm. So I was left with 2 brushes to choose from and since I was just easing my way into using a flat top brush, I opted to get Ellana for its cheaper tag but surprisingly good quality. Ellana brushes are proudly Philippine made and they do have other products aside from makeup brushes. You may click here to visit their official website and see for yourself.

Overall, I love this Ellana flat top brush because of its high quality and affordable price. If you regularly use BB cream or liquid foundation, using this brush will definitely help you achieve even skin tone in just a few strokes.

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Freebie Friday

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey guys! I couldn't wait to tell you about my freebie Friday with a good friend yesterday. We were just hanging out in between breaks so we decided to drop by Trinoma to have lunch and do a little window shopping.

Luckily we were both Belle de Jour power planner users and certified voucher addicts so we got ourselves free samples from Kiehl's.

The sales rep already knew our intentions the moment we stepped in their boutique and uttered the words Belle de Jour. I love that the voucher doesn't require any purchase and that the sales rep didn't make us feel uncomfortable while claiming the samples. She lead us straight to the counter, looked at our faces, asked a few questions, handed us 3 sachets and instructed us on how and when to use each product. She gave me Ultra Facial oil-free cleanser, Acne Blemish Control daily skin-clearing treatment and Ultra Facial oil-free gel cream. I'll review these products after a week of use so do check back in when you can.

My other freebies were 2 sample bars of Light Skin Carrot Soap. These were passed along while we were looking around the beauty section of Landmark. I've heard good things about carrot soaps but never had the chance to try one. I'm so hooked on Kojic Acid Soap that I don't usually check out others on display when I go shopping for bath essentials so I'm really excited to use these and see for myself. Expect a full review in the following weeks.

How I wish I got this Ellana flat top foundation brush for free but there's always an exception to every rule and this is the one thing I bought from my stash of freebies. I wanted to include my review here but I think I need a separate post to really discuss how this brush fares in comparison to my other brushes from Sigma and The Body Shop. I also want to tell you how and why I chose this among others like Elf, Suesh and Charm brushes so please do check out my full review on this in my next post.

That concludes my almost freebie day. Just a shout out to all Belle de Jour power planner owners, go drop by your nearest Kiehl's boutique and get your free samples!!! To all those near Trinoma, go by the bath section in Landmark and you might just be given free Carrot Soap bars from Light Skin. Thanks for reading this entry and have a great day!


Bath Vanity

Hey guys! I had a very busy weekend but I managed to squeeze in some time to get myself something that I've been planning to buy for the past months. An organizing rack for my bath products.

I got this from ACE Hardware at the basement of SM North Edsa for Php 349.

You can hang this on your wall or just put it on your toilet tank top. I prefer not to drill more holes on my bathroom wall so I just let it stand like so. You can see that the size is just right to fit all my bath essentials. I arranged all my face products in the bottom while my hair and body essentials are on top together with my clarisonic. I do have a lot of facial cleansers because I use what's appropriate for my skin condition like if I have pimple break outs, I reach for The Body Shop Tea Tree line or Garnier Pure Active. When my pimples have all dried out, I go for whitening foams like Lancome and L'oreal. On a clear skin day, I go back to my anti-aging products like Olay Total Effects and Avon's Anew. At night after a long day of wearing makeup and being exposed to dirt, I use deep cleansers like Neutrogena and Tony Moly Aqua.

I'm really loving this organizing rack because it has definitely made my bath time more pleasant. I don't have to rummage through a basket just to get the product I want to use for the day and I get to see right away which ones I need to restock. The only problem I have with this is eventual rusting because it's not stainless steel but the sales rep said rusting won't set in until a year of use so it's all good for now.

How about you? Do you have organizing tips to maintain a clutter free bathroom? Please share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a fun day!

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AVEENO: Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hey guys! I recently slept over at a friend's house and it was like college all over agian with late night movies, pizza and girl talk until the break of dawn. Next morning, the excellent lighting in their room inspired me to take pictures of my next blog entry.

Just recently, a close friend got us Aveeno products from S&R during their week long sale. Their body lotions were selling like pancakes at buy one take one and of course we didn't let that pass. Now I can safely say our skin's hydration is secured until next year. Other products from Aveeno were also on sale but one particular product caught our interest even when regularly priced, their positively radiant brightening cleanser. 

Aveeno Positively Radiant brightening cleanser Php 500
This Aveeno positively radiant brightening cleanser comes in a 200 ml bottle with a pump. I'm actually amazed of the size which is quite reasonable for its tag. 

I'm not sure if you can make out something from this image but the pump is labelled just below the spout and can be twisted either way to open or close it.

What immediately got my attention were the tiny golden sparkles embedded in the cleanser. It also smells quite good, feels smooth and gently lathers on your face.

I love this brightening cleanser from Aveeno because it can be used for all skin types. The bottle is also a plus for me since it comes with an easy to use pump dispenser. A little amount goes a long way, just a single pump is needed to cover your face and neck. It leaves your face clean of dirt and impurities without drying. You're left with skin that feels smooth and moisturized. This cleanser also didn't cause any adverse skin reactions or break outs. I think the only problem I see with this is accessibility since I don't see this often displayed in local stores but you may visit any S&R branch near you to buy this or other Aveeno products. 

Overall, I find the Aveeno positively radiant brightening cleanser amazing that I intend to use it everyday. I will repurchase once it runs out which I bet won't be anytime soon because I'm guessing this 200 ml bottle will last me a long time. I do recommend it to those who want an effective cleanser that's mild enough to use even for sensitive skin. 

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PHYSICIANS FORMULA: Happy Booster 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey guys! Here's a review on another product from the Happy Booster collection of Physicians Formula which they call Glow & Mood Boosting 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush.

I started using Physicians Formula early 2012 using a discount voucher with 60% savings in an online shop. I got a Shimmer Strips Palette and Perfecting Mineral Concentrate. Anyway, the Perfecting Mineral Concentrate was so amazing it almost brought me to tears after learning that it's been phased out. That was when my love affair with Physicians Formula started. 

On to the subject of this post, I got the Happy Booster 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush as a gift from my fiance. He knew I'd go head over heels for this and I really did. I'm not so much into bronzers but after watching several tutorials on how to contour your face using one, I decided to give this a try. 

Don't you just love the way Physicians Formula design their products? Well, I do and I think the cute and girly pink hearts help in boosting my mood whenever I reach out for this compact.

Underneath the bronzer is a mirror and an eye-catching brush which I don't really use because it's quite stiff and small for an applicator. Though this can come in handy when you need to retouch in the middle of the day so it's still a good thing to have it in the compact. 

The verdict? I love that the color isn't too dark because I intend to use this as a highlighting powder and I don't want to look toasted or a shade darker. Although this might not be good for contouring especially for medium skin ladies like me because the shade is so sheer that you tend to apply more of the product hoping to build up the color when in fact you're only packing more shimmer. The blush also gives you a decent flushed look. I love the tiny sparkles that illuminate your skin without making you look frosted. It didn't cause any skin reactions or get oily over time and stays on for a few hours so you may need to retouch in the middle of the day.

Overall, I love this 2-in-1 bronzer & blush from Physicians Formula that I recommend it to everyone. If you expect a deeply pigmented bronzer, this may not be the right one for you. It only offers sheer coverage and may not be the best product for contouring especially if you have medium to dark skin tone. If you're like me who just want a highlight with subtle shimmer and a flushed look then you will love this. 

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I want to be part of Sample Room's Bloggers Circle!

Hey guys! If you read my previous posts about Sample Room, you'd know that I've been an avid member since they officially started in December 2012. I love trying out their stuff especially those that are way beyond my budget because I'm given the rare chance to try them before spending a fortune buying the full size. I've raved about different products from Shu Uemura, Celeteque, Mir & Ryvi, AHAVA and Moringa-O2 and every single one of them is a hit for me. This is why I never fail to visit Sample Room's website to see what's new and available.

Courtesy of

A few days ago, I got an email from Sample Room about their search for 24 aspiring bloggers to be part of their Bloggers Circle. As a member, one is entitled to several perks like receiving free samples, being informed of launches, access to activities and discussions exclusive for Bloggers Circle members, a special gift and lastly being featured in the Bloggers Circle page with a link and description of your blog. I didn't think twice so I started doing my entry the moment I read the email.

Courtesy of

I want to be part of Sample Room's Bloggers Circle because I am a firm believer of their mission to educate consumers about products before buying them. It will truly be an honor for me to be part of their revolutionary concept of consumer power.

Courtesy of Jon Diesta, an amazing artist/blogger

My other reason is as simple as fulfilling a lifelong dream of sharing my views on things that I know. I may not be an expert on beauty or skin care but I do know how to convey my thoughts on products I personally use in the most honest and humane way possible. I love to rave about products that amaze me and never hesitate to stress my point on some that don't. I'm all for trying new stuff and I don't patronize certain brands over another. Instead, I try to find the best product in every brand I encounter. 

My Instagram entry

If given this great opportunity to be part of Sample Room's Bloggers Circle, I will do my utmost best to fulfill all things expected of me. So good luck to everyone who joined and if you haven't heard of this search you may click here for more info. Remember, submission of entries is until March 31, 2013 so hurry and be part of something BIG. Who knows, we might be the lucky people they're looking for. 

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NYX: Nude On Nude Natural Look Kit

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hey guys! I'm on a roll here because I have so many new things I want to share with all of you. I just got 3 new products from Ulta as gifts from my fiance (gotta love his taste) but I'll be reviewing them separately and I'll start off with NYX Nude On Nude Natural Look Kit.

I originally had my eyes on NYX Nude on Nude Palette but it wasn't available in Ulta so the sales rep suggested this, good thing my loving fiance took her word for it. 

I love that this kit is handy but packed with 2 layers of eye makeup and lip products.

The top layer houses nine different shades of eye shadow. Top 3 shades are matte finish while the other 6 have glitters with gold undertones. I tried making swatches but failed in several attempts so you just have to rely on my word that the eye shadow colors are so rich you only need to glide a brush lightly to pick up the right amount of pigment. The colors immediately show and they don't appear too glittery. They don't crease over time and may last you a day without retouching.

The second layer slides open revealing 2 lip products. These weren't labelled but one looks like mahogany red and the other is salmon pink. NYX also included sponge and brush applicators. The lip palette wasn't as great but are decent enough to wear everyday. Mahogany red reminds me of tinted lip balms because of the sheer finish and soft texture while salmon pink is just like your ordinary lip gloss that's not pigmented at all. The makeup tools aren't so bad but I think I'll be using my own set of tools and just reach for these when I need a retouch.

The Verdict? This palette has awesome written all over it. Despite the lip color palette and tools not being as great as the eye shadow palette, I still consider this an amazing kit. What's even better is you can bring this with you anytime to any occassion because the colors are so wearable and the kit is so handy it can fit your smallest purse. This kit also gives you your money's worth since it only retails for $12. The only dowside is they're not locally available but you may order from online sellers like  

I will be playing around with this kit for a while and try other palettes from NYX in the future. If you're just starting to ease your way into using cosmetics or you're not fond of wearing makeup at all, this is a perfect kit to start with. You will never go wrong with natural shades of makeup in any time of the day and season.

♥ ♥ ♥

TONY MOLY: Natural Konjac Cleansing Puff

Did I just mention from my last post that I can't wait to write a review
on products that amaze me? Well, the Tony Moly Natural Konjac Cleansing Puff definitely counts as one!

While I was doing my usual tour of Tony Moly SM North Edsa, I came across this simple looking sponge. I asked the sales rep what it was and she said it's a konjac sponge. Good thing I read a blog by Miss Nikki Tiu a few months ago and I distinctly remember it looked a bit like this but hers wasn't from Tony Moly and was tan in color.

Tony Moly Natrual Konjac Cleansing Puff (Php 198)

The sponge came in this sealed plastic container and was already moist. The label doesn't say Konjac Sponge instead it says 100% natural fiber and the rest of the words were in Korean.

It's tear drop shaped and is flat on one side and a bit dome shaped on the other. I love using the tapered edge around my eyes, nose and lips while the round portion is best used over the forehead and cheeks. It has a string attached on one side which is probably for hanging the sponge after each use but I preferably dry mine on a soap dish.

This Konjac Sponge is surrounded by irregularly sized pores which reminds me so much of rice cakes. It's virtually scent free, has a really soft almost silky texture and feels so smooth on your skin. You may use this alone or with your favorite cleanser. When using a cleanser, apply it all over your face then massage away using the Konjac sponge. In the past days I've had several unsightly pimples that are drying out and peeling that they become more apparent especially after washing my face. Thanks to the Tony Moly Natural Konjac Cleansing Puff the peeling skin and dryness have been reduced.

Problems with using this sponge are the additional work of keeping it clean and that you can only use it for a limited time. I actually clean mine before and after each use but I really don't mind because it only takes a few minutes to do so using mild soap and warm water from the shower. I'm not quite sure how long this sponge will last but I'll keep you posted when mine gets busted.

Overall, I am worshiping my Konjac sponge after just a few days of use and I will definitely buy another when mine needs replacement. I do recommend it to those who want to try a facial sponge that has good quality but doesn't cost a fortune.

♥ ♥ ♥

Best-Ever Cream Silk Recharge Strength Boost Conditioner

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey guys! I just couldn't wait long until I share a certain product that amazes me. This is why after just a few days of use, I am already writing this review on the Best-Ever Cream Silk Recharge Strength Boost Conditioner. 

This product comes in a 100 ml tube with a flip cap. It claims to help transform hair by targeting and correcting even the small imperfections. It also promotes power-protein technology making hair softer and stronger by reinforcing weak areas and infusing flexibility to help prevent hair fall. You can use this every after shampoo and rinse well after a minute.

This conditioner smells like heaven. It has a thick consistency and a small amount is enough to cover your strands. This awesome product leaves your hair feeling light, smooth and refreshed. I love the way it tames even the shortest strands on my scalp that tend to stray from the rest of my hair. It doesn't feel greasy and it doesn't cause dandruff formation. What's also great is I've been noticing less hair fall since I started using it. 

Overall I love this conditioner from Cream Silk and I will definitely restock once it runs out. I recommend this to all of you who wants to maintain healthy tresses and prevent hair damage like breakage or hair fall. It only costs PhP 99.00 per 100 ml bottle in all stores nationwide so go get yourself one and be amazed like I am.

♥ ♥ ♥

THE BODY SHOP: Tea Tree Concealer

Sunday, March 10, 2013

 I've been having nasty break outs over the past couple of days and it's been driving me crazy! It first appeared near my upper lip followed by a bigger one on my chin then another one on my cheek. I'm actually used to having pimple break outs around my period but not as troublesome as this. I hate having to go out with blemishes that attract much attention, good thing I went through my stash and found myself a quick fix.

This is The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer which I think I bought around 2 years ago when Tea Tree was at its hype. I've been using it as an eye makeup primer ever since I gave up on using concealers. Not that it's an awful product, I'm just having a hard time using it to cover pimple marks because it somehow has the tendency to accentuate rather than hide the flaws. I guess the shade doesn't really match my skin tone.

This concealer is packaged like a lip product which I love because it's so handy that you can just slip it in your pocket or purse. It's virtually scent free and has a nice creamy texture that doesn't harden over time. You can easily apply this on your skin and it blends well after patting it with your fingers. You can also top it with loose or finishing powder to even out the shade.

What's really awesome about this is I finally got it to work wonders for me this time! I'm so happy I didn't throw or give it away because it effectively concealed my unwanted pimples. It didn't cake or get oily and it lasted the entire day with just a single touch-up. Notice the images above how my scar (encircled) seemed to be hidden (arrow) after application of The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer. The only problem I see is it only comes in 2 shades, light (01) and medium (02), good thing medium matches my skin tone. I can't recall how much I bought this but I'm pretty sure it has a reasonable tag.

Overall, I have a new found respect for this product because it really works. I am definitely making this my official concealer and will repurchase once it runs out. I do recommend it to those who are still on a hunt for a good concealer especially when dealing with pimples since tea tree also doubles as a pimple treatment because of its antibacterial properties.

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