ELLANA: Flat Top Brush

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey guys! When it comes to applying BB cream, I usually rely on my finger tips to get the job done. I use a pea size then pat it all over my face. Though this simple method works well for me, there are times when I wish there was a quicker way to do it. After watching one of emilynoel83's makeup tutorials on YouTube and seeing her use a flat brush while applying her liquid foundation, I realized I could try using one
with my BB cream. 

Ellana Flat Top Brush from Crossings Trinoma (Php 350)

A few days ago, I went on a haunt for my very first flat top brush. I saw several brands like elf, Suesh, Charm and Ellana but my instincts at that time pointed me towards choosing Ellana, a brand which believe me, I've never heard of. 

This Ellana flat top brush has a silver ferrule and a black matte handle with the brand name etched on it. Notice how the bristles have lighter color on the tips. 

I really find this brush amazing because the bristles are extremely soft and densely packed that they feel so smooth on your face. I love how this brush makes BB cream application effortless and quick. It perfectly evens out your skin tone with just a few circular strokes. I'm also quite surprised that it comes with an affordable tag of Php 350 which is pretty much the main reason why I chose this over Suesh (Php 850) and Charm (Php 650) brushes in the first place. Although elf was the cheapest in the bunch (Php 249), I find the bristles more stiff and rough than the others hence cutting down my choices to three.

All three remaining brushes are equally soft and packed but the one from Suesh has a smaller diameter compared to both Ellana and Charm. So I was left with 2 brushes to choose from and since I was just easing my way into using a flat top brush, I opted to get Ellana for its cheaper tag but surprisingly good quality. Ellana brushes are proudly Philippine made and they do have other products aside from makeup brushes. You may click here to visit their official website and see for yourself.

Overall, I love this Ellana flat top brush because of its high quality and affordable price. If you regularly use BB cream or liquid foundation, using this brush will definitely help you achieve even skin tone in just a few strokes.

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  1. Hi jing! I just blogwalking and find ur blog! This looks a lot like Sigma`s, thanks for reviewing, i like your review on CC cream too.

    Follow back or visit my blog too
    xoxo, hana

    1. Hi Hana! Thanks for dropping by and taking time to leave a comment. This brush is truly amazing and does look like Sigma. I own a sigma brush set and I love it but this Ellana flat top brush is softer than any Sigma brush I own so I wish you get to try it someday. Followed you back! :)