Freebie Friday

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey guys! I couldn't wait to tell you about my freebie Friday with a good friend yesterday. We were just hanging out in between breaks so we decided to drop by Trinoma to have lunch and do a little window shopping.

Luckily we were both Belle de Jour power planner users and certified voucher addicts so we got ourselves free samples from Kiehl's.

The sales rep already knew our intentions the moment we stepped in their boutique and uttered the words Belle de Jour. I love that the voucher doesn't require any purchase and that the sales rep didn't make us feel uncomfortable while claiming the samples. She lead us straight to the counter, looked at our faces, asked a few questions, handed us 3 sachets and instructed us on how and when to use each product. She gave me Ultra Facial oil-free cleanser, Acne Blemish Control daily skin-clearing treatment and Ultra Facial oil-free gel cream. I'll review these products after a week of use so do check back in when you can.

My other freebies were 2 sample bars of Light Skin Carrot Soap. These were passed along while we were looking around the beauty section of Landmark. I've heard good things about carrot soaps but never had the chance to try one. I'm so hooked on Kojic Acid Soap that I don't usually check out others on display when I go shopping for bath essentials so I'm really excited to use these and see for myself. Expect a full review in the following weeks.

How I wish I got this Ellana flat top foundation brush for free but there's always an exception to every rule and this is the one thing I bought from my stash of freebies. I wanted to include my review here but I think I need a separate post to really discuss how this brush fares in comparison to my other brushes from Sigma and The Body Shop. I also want to tell you how and why I chose this among others like Elf, Suesh and Charm brushes so please do check out my full review on this in my next post.

That concludes my almost freebie day. Just a shout out to all Belle de Jour power planner owners, go drop by your nearest Kiehl's boutique and get your free samples!!! To all those near Trinoma, go by the bath section in Landmark and you might just be given free Carrot Soap bars from Light Skin. Thanks for reading this entry and have a great day!


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