MARCH: The Loveliest Month of the Year!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March is my birth month so it's not surprising that I declare it the best month. Though December still counts as an extraordinary time of the year, March still tops my list. I can't believe how time flies, in 12 days another candle will be added on top of my birthday cake. Not so thrilling when you think about wrinkles and dry skin though, but I strangely feel different this time. 

I love that I exist in a time when enhancing ones assets and diminishing flaws are within reach. That there are so many options out there to improve yourself and be the person you deserve to be. I am thrilled with the evolution of skin care products and how they can make simple steps yield great results. How a simple application of BB cream can make you look all made up and how ladies who are clueless about makeup application are given opportunities to ease into the cosmetic world one product at a time. 

I am amazed how modern technology has influenced the aesthetic industry. What used to be an invasive procedure like liposuction has evolved into a simple noninvasive procedure with virtually no down time. Advancements like the use of laser has made troublesome skin imperfections a thing of the past.

So in this age, improving oneself is not impossible. Maybe this is why I am not so concerned about getting older because I believe that technology improves as we age. I know aging can never be halted but at least the modern world allows us to age gracefully.

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