MISSHA: 3D Fruits Sheet Mask

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My face is smothered in moisture provided by Missha's 3D fruits sheet mask in super berry as I do this review. I've never used a facial mask before and after experiencing a parade of skin problems like dryness and pimple break outs in the past days, I decided to add facial mask application to my night routine and see if it helps. 

I got this for free when I bought Missha Perfect M BB Cream a couple of years ago, good thing the expiration date is still a few months from now. This is nicely packed in a foil container which preserves the mask's moisture. This mask is really in 3D because the shape conforms to your face. My only problem is it only reached 3/4 of my forehead which is quite okay since I have bigger than an average forehead but the rest of my face fits this mask like a glove!

The mask is fully soaked that you really need to handle it carefully to avoid squeezing the moisture out. After washing your face and applying toner, unfold the mask and wear it for 15 to 20 minutes.

I love the cool feeling and fresh scent it gives on application. It does sting a little but didn't cause any adverse skin reactions. This mask is so moisturized that it stays damp even after 20 minutes of use. The picture above  shows you that the mask is sturdy and stays intact even after use.

This mask left my skin feeling smooth and supple immediately after use and the effect lasted until the next morning. My skin didn't look oily or greasy and it didn't cause me more break outs. I may be trying on other masks in my stash but I do love this one from Missha.

Though I loved the experience I think I won't be doing this religiously but when I do feel the need to use a mask, I'll be reaching for Missha 3D Fruits Sheet Mask. I do however recommend it to those of you who would like to add a little extra step to your skin care routine that doesn't really cost much and can be simply done at home.

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