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Sunday, March 10, 2013

 I've been having nasty break outs over the past couple of days and it's been driving me crazy! It first appeared near my upper lip followed by a bigger one on my chin then another one on my cheek. I'm actually used to having pimple break outs around my period but not as troublesome as this. I hate having to go out with blemishes that attract much attention, good thing I went through my stash and found myself a quick fix.

This is The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer which I think I bought around 2 years ago when Tea Tree was at its hype. I've been using it as an eye makeup primer ever since I gave up on using concealers. Not that it's an awful product, I'm just having a hard time using it to cover pimple marks because it somehow has the tendency to accentuate rather than hide the flaws. I guess the shade doesn't really match my skin tone.

This concealer is packaged like a lip product which I love because it's so handy that you can just slip it in your pocket or purse. It's virtually scent free and has a nice creamy texture that doesn't harden over time. You can easily apply this on your skin and it blends well after patting it with your fingers. You can also top it with loose or finishing powder to even out the shade.

What's really awesome about this is I finally got it to work wonders for me this time! I'm so happy I didn't throw or give it away because it effectively concealed my unwanted pimples. It didn't cake or get oily and it lasted the entire day with just a single touch-up. Notice the images above how my scar (encircled) seemed to be hidden (arrow) after application of The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer. The only problem I see is it only comes in 2 shades, light (01) and medium (02), good thing medium matches my skin tone. I can't recall how much I bought this but I'm pretty sure it has a reasonable tag.

Overall, I have a new found respect for this product because it really works. I am definitely making this my official concealer and will repurchase once it runs out. I do recommend it to those who are still on a hunt for a good concealer especially when dealing with pimples since tea tree also doubles as a pimple treatment because of its antibacterial properties.

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