Braving A Storm

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I was having my break at a nearby coffee shop before my afternoon clinic when it started raining really hard that even cats and dogs don't begin to describe it. Though it was nice seeing Manila under a splash of cool rain especially now that we've been having humid days, still it came on the least favorable time because I was running late.

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The rain poured even harder when I was about to leave and though I had an umbrella, I decided to wait. Ten minutes have passed and still the rain hasn't calmed down so I just decided to get a few stuff from the grocery nearby.  After 20 minutes more, the rain finally came to a halt so I got out without having to use my trusty umbra.

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On my way to work, I suddenly realized a few things. Warning: senti mode on! In life, there are a lot of storms that hit you unexpectedly and most of the time, they come on days when you have your hands full or when you least deserve another burden up your sleeves. In short, they're inconsiderate and unreasonable. They come anytime and anywhere they want without any warning hence almost always catching you off guard. They are inevitable and will remain as such for all eternity so you're bound to face them every single time. It's really up to you whether you brave through it or wait a while until it passes. But even if you're prepared to go through it, you don't have to all the time. Waiting it out doesn't always mean you're a failure. It's what you do after a storm that defines you.

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Another way to look at a menacing storm is how Yann Martel depicted it in his best selling novel turned movie "Life of Pi". If you haven't read the book or watched the movie, then you should add it to your bucket list. The plot gives you simple representations of complicated things in life. It will make you realize that everything you went through, both good and bad, happened for a purpose. That everything happens for a reason and you wouldn't be who you are today if it were different. It makes you realize not to regret anything that happened in your past and appreciate who and where you are today. This masterpiece came just in time to remind us that no matter how bad things get, we should never give up hope.

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Have You Been Perkd? (not a typo)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hey guys! Don't you just love loyalty cards that earn points when you purchase? I know I do especially from my most trusted and frequently visited stores like The Body Shop and Tony Moly. Over the years, I've accumulated quite a number of loyalty cards from different establishments that it came to the point when not all of them can fit in my purse anymore. There were times when I could have availed great promos but didn't because I left the card in my other purse.

Good thing I got Perkd just in time. Perkd is an application that you can download on your iphone, itouch and android phone or tablet. It allows you to transform your membership and loyalty cards in virtual form. This way, you don't need to have all your cards with you just to avail and enjoy promos and freebies. You won't miss out on perks again! What's even better is all your cards are automatically backed up. Just sign-in to restore all your cards when you switch to a new gadget.


To get started, simply install the Perkd application from app store or play store for free.

 Sign up for a new account by entering your name, gender, date of birth and mobile number.

You will then receive a 6 digit verification code which also serves as your password via SMS. Enter the code to get your Perkd membership card.

You may change your password by clicking your Perkd ID and "manage account" button.

To start creating your virtual cards, click the plus sign (+) on the upper right corner of the screen.

 Search for the card under "categories" or simply type in the name of the card after clicking the search button.

Remeber that not all cards are supported by Perkd but you can suggest cards to add by clicking "Preferences" on the lower right corner of the screen.

So far I have virtual cards of Love Your Body, Tony Moly, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Resorts World Manila, Resorts World Genting, Priority Club and Golden Circle. I also suggested L'oreal Exclusif card so I'm just waiting for a reply from Perkd.
Overall, I love that we have virtual cards in our phones and other gadgets. Now we can confidently leave the house without thinking of which card to bring and never miss out on perks! So what are you waiting for? Get perkd and start enjoying a world of virtual freedom.

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On Drying Your Brushes

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello everyone! Last weekend I finally had the time to clean my makeup brushes. I used St. Ive's moisturizing olive cleanser which I haven't been using lately to wash my face. I figured I can use it to clean my brushes instead of the usual antibacterial soap mixed with olive oil. I also used my current hair conditioner, Dove Colour Radiance, to keep the bristles soft and silky.

After accomplishing my long overdue assignment, I thought of making a comparison between my old practice of air drying the brushes while laid flat on a dry paper towel versus drying them with bristles pointed downward using brush guards.

The results? Drying was a little faster for those without brush guards but didn't differ much. The unguarded brushes air dried for approximately 36 hours while those with brush guards weren't completely dry until 40 hours. The 4 hour difference may be due to the fact that air flow inside the jar wasn't as good as in an open 
space hence the slight delay.

The shape of each brush, regardless of brush guard use, was appropriately maintained except for my sigma eye shadow brush. I was actually annoyed that the bristles were slightly out of place despite using the brush guard. The brush might have slipped downward causing some of the bristles to flare out but good thing it was reshaped after fixing it in place and leaving it overnight.

Fall out of bristles wasn't an issue for both methods contrary to beliefs that drying your brushes horizontally allows water to reach the ferrule and damage the bristles earlier. I've been horizontally drying my kabuki and face brushes from The Body Shop for 5 years now and I haven't seen any significant amount of strands fall off. I think what matters more is how you wash your brushes. If you avoid soaking the ferrule while cleaning your brush and dry it properly in room temperature, you'll do just fine. 

Overall, the brush guard isn't that bad but it's also not that difficult to live without. If you're on a budget and still considering to get them for your brushes, I tell you now that they're not a must for everyone. If you're the kind who travels much or wants to protect your brushes in storage then getting this may satisfy you. In the end it all boils down to how you prefer to take care of your stuff. Just remember that not everything being offered is necessary.

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TASTE CENTRAL: Good Taste Has Definitely Arrived

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I've been a member of Deal Grocer since early 2011 but it was only a week ago when I learned of their official retail partner named Taste Central. Good thing I'm subscribed to Deal Grocer's email alerts because I  was able to get dibs on Taste Central's hottest promo.

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This is Shu Uemura's iconic Perfect Poreless Set consisting of (from L to R) the Porefinist Gentle Foaming Cleansing Water, Tsuya Youth Generator Essence and UV Under Base Poreraser Mousse. The set originally costs 2,500 PhP and it's really a steal for 750 PhP if you buy it from Taste Central so no wonder it was sold out immediately. I really didn't have my eye on this one but I'm getting a little tempted especially after realizing that the Porefinist Gentle Foaming Cleansing Water is Shu Uemura's newest cleanser that claims to remove all impurities to visibly tighten pores.

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Now this Skin Radiance Set is what I wanted to buy but was also out of stock. I wouldn't be surprised because the Whitefficient Brightening Cleansing Oil alone is a surefire hit. Also included are the Tsuya Youth Generator Essence and UV Under Base Whitefficient Mousse. They also marked the price down by a whopping 70%, from 2,500 PhP to 750 PhP. What I love about Taste Central is they give you an option to include items in a wait list so they can notify you when stocks become available. They actually restocked this the last time I checked so you might want to get your hands on them before they run out again. You may click here to connect to Taste Central.

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Luckily this Summer Fresh Set was available so I didn't think twice in ordering. It has the Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil, Tsuya Youth Generator Essence and UV Under Base Tsuya Youthful Radiance Mousse. This set is originally 2,800 PhP and was discounted by 70% at 840 PhP. Although it costs a little higher than the other sets, seeing the products included got me sold right away. I'll be posting a separate review on this set in one of my future entries.

Overall, this is probably the best skin care deal I've ever seen and availed. I love that nowadays we get to try high end skincare products without causing a dent on our budget thanks to excellent and tasteful online deals provided by Deal Grocer and Taste Central. Not a member yet? Click here to be one and start opening your horizons to exquisitely amazing deals.

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PRC ID Renewal Center in SM North Edsa

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hey everyone! Just recently, I realized my PRC license expired last month giving me a gruesome image of long lines at the PRC main office on a hot summer day. Good thing license renewal can now be accomplished in chosen SM Malls and luckily Sm North Edsa is one of them. 

It's located along the bridgeway connecting The Block to SM's main building at the bills payment section. First counter you see on the left is where you should begin:

Get a PRC renewal form from counter 1.
♥ Submit the duly accomplished form together with your PRC license  and 1 passport size picture of yourself in a collared top with name plate and white background. 
♥ Have your picture taken as a back up.
♥ Pay the renewal and processing fees of Php 500.

If ever you came without a passport size picture, you may want to go to Tronix Imaging Center at the basement of SM Annex. A set of 6 passport size pictures costs Php 60. They can edit your image pretty good and can even make it look like you're wearing a collared blouse without additional fee. Nice huh? But please do wear a collared top when you go there because they still need to take your picture
at counter 1 for back-up. 

I think they coordinate with PRC online for info verification. In case of an expired license, the penalty will depend on how long it's been expired. In my case, it's been a little over a month which did not incur any late fees. It doesn't matter whether your license is expiring months earlier but the best time would be at least a month before your license expires because it also takes a month before you can pick up your renewed license. You also have the option of having it delivered to your doorstep for an additional fee.

Overall, I love the idea of having your license renewed in more convenient places other than the main office of PRC in Morayta. You can avoid the hassle of not having to go with the large volume of board exam applicants. This way, you won't have to endure the long lines just to renew your license and you don't have to miss work because they're open everyday during mall hours. What's really impressive is that it only took me 15 minutes to accomplish everything because all transactions are done in one counter. I really commend PRC and of course the SM management for making all these possible in an organized manner. Gone are the days when PRC license renewal equals to a headache.. heck, even a migraine. 

Other SM branches that offer PRC license renewal are listed on PRC's official website so do check that out. Thanks for reading and have a pleasant weekend! 

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A Night To Remember

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey guys! I felt like being gone for a month from the blogosphere then it dawned on me I wasn't after seeing my last post was just 4 days ago. That's how I love the blog community, being away from it seems like forever. Speaking of which, I was away for 3 days for the Philippine Pediatric Society's 50th Annual Convention. It was entirely fun especially on the Fellowship night at the World Trade Center where we got to see world class performers in one event! 

The event was hosted by Marc Nelson and this pretty lady whose name I forgot (sorry). 

The program started with no less than John Lesaca. I wasn't able to get pictures because we arrived a little late and got seats in the middle.

Yeng Constantino came in next so I was immediately off my seat and took pictures up close. A lot of people were just sitting and the entire space below the stage was empty when I took this shot. Needless to say that after a few brave souls dared to stay in front, a lot of others followed. 

Erik Santos looked so great in his suit, good thing my friend took the chance of approaching the stage just to take this shot even if security didn't allow it. Miss Sheryn Regis was up next but we weren't able to take pictures because at that point they didn't allow anyone near the stage except for the official photographers(boo!!!).

It's just so sad that the organizers were too strict but they loosened up after a while and realized they organized a concert, not a graduation ceremony. Nothing could stop the crowd especially when the legendary Ely Buendia came on stage with Pupil. Everyone, including me and my friends, ran towards the best spot.. right smack in front of Ely, hence the nice shots.

Arnel Pineda was the final performer of the night and rocked the house with his powerful vocals. Taking good pictures wasn't easy because he couldn't stay in place for more than a minute, he was all over the stage smiling at everyone in between singing and was constantly reaching out his hand to the crowd shaking hands. Not an ounce of arrogance can be seen or felt from his presence. Truly a world class artist with a big heart for his followers. 

The evening concluded with Arnel Pineda calling out all the other performers on stage thanking the audience for being in the event. 

Hands down, this has got to be the best Fellowship night I've attended so far. Food was decent enough, they gave away 3 Ipad minis, one of which was luckily won by one of my dear friends although it looked like our entire group won when her name was called because we cheered like crazy. Awesome line up of performers that truly reached out to all age groups. The venue was also appropriate for the event although parking was a bit of a problem. The organizers did a great job although I have to admit I got a little irritated at how they implemented security and was so strict in letting the viewers come in front to take pictures. They eventually got to their senses and realized it's rude not to let the crowd enjoy the show. Overall, the event was a big success, truly a night to remember!

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THE BODY SHOP: Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hey everyone! I recently reviewed a product from Kiehl's that's suitable for pimple prone skin like mine. I've been planning to buy one since I ran out of samples but the hefty tag made me put it off and instead look through my stash to find anything I can use for the meantime. Luckily, I found this..
The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion (Php 800++)
I used to rave about Tea Tree 2 years ago and how it helped me control and prevent pimple break outs. My first ever purchase was a tea tree travel set from The Body Shop containing a facial wash, toner, oil and night lotion. I eventually got the full size and one of them, the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion, is still more than half full so I figured I could give it another try.

This comes in a 30 ml slim container with a pump dispenser. A couple of pumps is just right to cover your entire face. The texture is pretty much the same as lotion that spreads effortlessly on your face and melts easily on your skin. I love that it gives just the right amount of moisture without making you look and feel greasy. it has a hint of menthol scent which I really love because it gives you a fresh and clean feeling. I've tried this on active pimples and they don't sting at all. I feel like they dry the pimples without any visible peeling or flaking of dead skin. 

Overall, I really love this product although I don't consider it my holy grail for pimple treatment and prevention, it's still a decent moisturizer that doesn't irritate my skin or cause me more break outs. I may still consider buying one but not right after I finish one bottle. I do recommend it to everyone who's still on a look out for a good moisturizer for pimple prone skin. 

How about you, what do you think of Tea Tree? Have you tried any Tea Tree products? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Angled Brush

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey guys! The summer heat is really drawing people to the malls. Yesterday I was meeting up with a few friends in Trinoma and since I got there early I had a chance to look around. Of course I saw some things that I want to buy and though I'm abstaining from impulse buying in the past days, I couldn't help but get this generic angled brush.

This brush among a lot of others was on display at the beauty section of Landmark. Although there were more than a few types to choose from, this immediately got my attention because it looks a lot like my recently acquired flat brush from Ellana.

The bristles are surprisingly soft and well packed that it feels really good on your face yet priced reasonably at Php 149. I used it this morning to apply my BB cream and it worked well. It glides on smoothly and effortlessly. Although my Ellana flat brush is still my go to brush for BB cream application, this can still be an effective alternative. 

Overall, this brush truly delivers and feels amazing. What's even better is it's being sold at a fraction of the cost of high end brushes. I plan to check out their other brushes and find out if they're as awesome as this angled brush. I do recommend this to those of you who are on a budget yet want quality brushes. Yes, they do exist and are on display in the beauty section of Landmark in Trinoma. So what are you waiting for ladies and gents? Go now and experience for yourself how this brush made me go gaga over it.

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SEMBEM: Compressed Face Mask

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey guys! Don't you just love waking up to fresh and supple skin in the morning? Well I do and this is why I try my best to stick to moisturizing my face before bedtime. Although this regimen has been working well for me in the past years, I'm still on the look out for new ways to maintain healthy, glowing skin. I've heard so many good things about using face masks for the longest time but never really tried it until recently. Actually the first mask I tried has been with me for more than a year before I decided to use it. The results turned out to be an amazing experience. You may click here for the detailed review.

As much as I love the benefits of using a face mask regularly, I couldn't because of several reasons. First, it's an extra step to my facial care routine which I want to keep simple and done in the least time possible. Second, it's an added expense which will cost you around Php 90 per mask and using this weekly for a month or two equals the cost of a decent moisturizer that can last longer even with daily use. So after over analyzing it (which I usually do), I finally decided not to pursue face mask use until I found this..

Sembem Compressed Mask
Landmark (Php 89.75)
I was going through Landmark's beauty section when I got intrigued with these white round objects. I initially thought they were compressed cotton pads that expand when soaked.
Though the back label was in Chinese, the illustration clearly confirmed that these are compressed masks. 

Each unsoaked mask is smaller than a 10 peso coin and expands immediately after immersing in a glass of water.

Sembem Compressed Mask soaked in a glass of water

You may use cold water but tap water will do especially when you're in an air conditioned room. Remove the mask from the glass and gently squeeze out excess water but be careful not to dry it. The mask should be moist but not dripping. Gently unfold the mask then lay it on your face after applying your favorite moisturizer.

You may peel this off depending on how long you can keep it on. I usually let the mask dry out which takes around 30 minutes. The image above was taken after I used it the first time. I couldn't get a decent picture of how it looks like after soaking and I intentionally didn't take a picture when worn on my face because I didn't
want to scare you.

The verdict? I really love this because it doesn't cost as much as the branded and pre soaked face masks in the market. A pack of 15 pieces costs Php 89.75 which is around Php 6 per mask. It's like buying the branded ones only you get to use this 15 times. You also get to use any moisturizer under this mask. I love the fresh feeling you get while using it and how it promotes better absorption of your chosen moisturizer. It also leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed after each use. The size also fits my face perfectly unlike my previous mask from Missha. It's scent free and didn't sting or cause skin irritation and pimple breakouts.

Overall, I believe this product truly delivers so I'll continue using it and repurchase in the future. I also recommend this to everyone who's interested in upgrading their skin care regimen without causing much burden on their finances. How about you? Have you tried any face masks lately? How was the experience? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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EOS: Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I had lunch with my friends in Trinoma yesterday and we were lucky enough to discover some new stuff in Pop Culture on the 2nd level. We've been there several times before to check out new designs from Shoe Box but haven't gone there in a while. We got a little surprised to see a lot of new stalls (new to us at least) with great stuff but what really got my attention was a discreet stall near the entrance. I love that the products on display are things you wouldn't normally see in local beauty counters. They have Urban Decay, NYX, EOS among others and an assortment of generic makeup brushes laying on their tables. It was like walking into heaven.

NYX Nude on Nude Cosmetic Palette (Php 1,500)
Image courtesy of

For a moment there I was in awe then there it was, the ultimate mainstay on my wish list, the NYX nude on nude palette. I didn't have the heart to open it and just walk away without purchasing so I just looked at the other items on display.

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm (Php 250)

Now this was a perfect distraction, the EOS (evolution of smooth) Smooth Sphere Lip Balm  in Pomegranate Raspberry. This alone was enough to keep me from impulsively buying the NYX Nude on Nude Palette. 

There were many "flavors" on display but there was only one Pomegranate Raspberry left so aside from the catchy color, I got hooked thinking this might be one of their best sellers.

I love that it's the most unique/cute looking lip product in my collection and I admit I was more intrigued with how it looks than how it works when I first saw it on various You Tube and blog entries. The sweet fruity scent is really amazing when you smell it from outside but once you take off the cap, it has a waxy smell which is quite a turn off in the beginning but not at all that awful to deter you from using it. 

The texture is not that extraordinary and is actually quite similar to other lip balms. It is truly moisturizing and stays on for a decent amount of time. It's not too heavy on your lips and you tend to forget you're wearing it after a few minutes of application. This only retails for $3.49 but it's being sold locally for Php 250 which is around $6 and if you think about it, there are a lot of locally available lip balms that are as moisturizing but don't cost as much. 

Overall, I think it's a good lip product but I won't be repurchasing this or the other flavors. I just think I can get the same results from other lip balms with cheaper tags. If you like breaking out of the ordinary looking lip balm, then you will love this one but if you're not at all into cute things and you prefer a more budget friendly lip balm, then this might not be the best product for you.

I feel a little awkward knowing a lot of ladies out there adore EOS and yet I don't but I still think it's a good thing because we're reminded of being different in some ways. How about you, have you tried EOS? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!

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