Angled Brush

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey guys! The summer heat is really drawing people to the malls. Yesterday I was meeting up with a few friends in Trinoma and since I got there early I had a chance to look around. Of course I saw some things that I want to buy and though I'm abstaining from impulse buying in the past days, I couldn't help but get this generic angled brush.

This brush among a lot of others was on display at the beauty section of Landmark. Although there were more than a few types to choose from, this immediately got my attention because it looks a lot like my recently acquired flat brush from Ellana.

The bristles are surprisingly soft and well packed that it feels really good on your face yet priced reasonably at Php 149. I used it this morning to apply my BB cream and it worked well. It glides on smoothly and effortlessly. Although my Ellana flat brush is still my go to brush for BB cream application, this can still be an effective alternative. 

Overall, this brush truly delivers and feels amazing. What's even better is it's being sold at a fraction of the cost of high end brushes. I plan to check out their other brushes and find out if they're as awesome as this angled brush. I do recommend this to those of you who are on a budget yet want quality brushes. Yes, they do exist and are on display in the beauty section of Landmark in Trinoma. So what are you waiting for ladies and gents? Go now and experience for yourself how this brush made me go gaga over it.

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