Braving A Storm

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I was having my break at a nearby coffee shop before my afternoon clinic when it started raining really hard that even cats and dogs don't begin to describe it. Though it was nice seeing Manila under a splash of cool rain especially now that we've been having humid days, still it came on the least favorable time because I was running late.

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The rain poured even harder when I was about to leave and though I had an umbrella, I decided to wait. Ten minutes have passed and still the rain hasn't calmed down so I just decided to get a few stuff from the grocery nearby.  After 20 minutes more, the rain finally came to a halt so I got out without having to use my trusty umbra.

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On my way to work, I suddenly realized a few things. Warning: senti mode on! In life, there are a lot of storms that hit you unexpectedly and most of the time, they come on days when you have your hands full or when you least deserve another burden up your sleeves. In short, they're inconsiderate and unreasonable. They come anytime and anywhere they want without any warning hence almost always catching you off guard. They are inevitable and will remain as such for all eternity so you're bound to face them every single time. It's really up to you whether you brave through it or wait a while until it passes. But even if you're prepared to go through it, you don't have to all the time. Waiting it out doesn't always mean you're a failure. It's what you do after a storm that defines you.

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Another way to look at a menacing storm is how Yann Martel depicted it in his best selling novel turned movie "Life of Pi". If you haven't read the book or watched the movie, then you should add it to your bucket list. The plot gives you simple representations of complicated things in life. It will make you realize that everything you went through, both good and bad, happened for a purpose. That everything happens for a reason and you wouldn't be who you are today if it were different. It makes you realize not to regret anything that happened in your past and appreciate who and where you are today. This masterpiece came just in time to remind us that no matter how bad things get, we should never give up hope.

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