On Drying Your Brushes

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello everyone! Last weekend I finally had the time to clean my makeup brushes. I used St. Ive's moisturizing olive cleanser which I haven't been using lately to wash my face. I figured I can use it to clean my brushes instead of the usual antibacterial soap mixed with olive oil. I also used my current hair conditioner, Dove Colour Radiance, to keep the bristles soft and silky.

After accomplishing my long overdue assignment, I thought of making a comparison between my old practice of air drying the brushes while laid flat on a dry paper towel versus drying them with bristles pointed downward using brush guards.

The results? Drying was a little faster for those without brush guards but didn't differ much. The unguarded brushes air dried for approximately 36 hours while those with brush guards weren't completely dry until 40 hours. The 4 hour difference may be due to the fact that air flow inside the jar wasn't as good as in an open 
space hence the slight delay.

The shape of each brush, regardless of brush guard use, was appropriately maintained except for my sigma eye shadow brush. I was actually annoyed that the bristles were slightly out of place despite using the brush guard. The brush might have slipped downward causing some of the bristles to flare out but good thing it was reshaped after fixing it in place and leaving it overnight.

Fall out of bristles wasn't an issue for both methods contrary to beliefs that drying your brushes horizontally allows water to reach the ferrule and damage the bristles earlier. I've been horizontally drying my kabuki and face brushes from The Body Shop for 5 years now and I haven't seen any significant amount of strands fall off. I think what matters more is how you wash your brushes. If you avoid soaking the ferrule while cleaning your brush and dry it properly in room temperature, you'll do just fine. 

Overall, the brush guard isn't that bad but it's also not that difficult to live without. If you're on a budget and still considering to get them for your brushes, I tell you now that they're not a must for everyone. If you're the kind who travels much or wants to protect your brushes in storage then getting this may satisfy you. In the end it all boils down to how you prefer to take care of your stuff. Just remember that not everything being offered is necessary.

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  1. I couldn't agree more with the last sentence. If only we take care of our important stuff properly, purchasing additional stuff is not really necessary.

    Thanks for visiting my site. :)

    1. I know ces! By the way, thanks for sharing your last post about what you get from blogging. I feel like the message is very timely especially for me. :)