SEMBEM: Compressed Face Mask

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey guys! Don't you just love waking up to fresh and supple skin in the morning? Well I do and this is why I try my best to stick to moisturizing my face before bedtime. Although this regimen has been working well for me in the past years, I'm still on the look out for new ways to maintain healthy, glowing skin. I've heard so many good things about using face masks for the longest time but never really tried it until recently. Actually the first mask I tried has been with me for more than a year before I decided to use it. The results turned out to be an amazing experience. You may click here for the detailed review.

As much as I love the benefits of using a face mask regularly, I couldn't because of several reasons. First, it's an extra step to my facial care routine which I want to keep simple and done in the least time possible. Second, it's an added expense which will cost you around Php 90 per mask and using this weekly for a month or two equals the cost of a decent moisturizer that can last longer even with daily use. So after over analyzing it (which I usually do), I finally decided not to pursue face mask use until I found this..

Sembem Compressed Mask
Landmark (Php 89.75)
I was going through Landmark's beauty section when I got intrigued with these white round objects. I initially thought they were compressed cotton pads that expand when soaked.
Though the back label was in Chinese, the illustration clearly confirmed that these are compressed masks. 

Each unsoaked mask is smaller than a 10 peso coin and expands immediately after immersing in a glass of water.

Sembem Compressed Mask soaked in a glass of water

You may use cold water but tap water will do especially when you're in an air conditioned room. Remove the mask from the glass and gently squeeze out excess water but be careful not to dry it. The mask should be moist but not dripping. Gently unfold the mask then lay it on your face after applying your favorite moisturizer.

You may peel this off depending on how long you can keep it on. I usually let the mask dry out which takes around 30 minutes. The image above was taken after I used it the first time. I couldn't get a decent picture of how it looks like after soaking and I intentionally didn't take a picture when worn on my face because I didn't
want to scare you.

The verdict? I really love this because it doesn't cost as much as the branded and pre soaked face masks in the market. A pack of 15 pieces costs Php 89.75 which is around Php 6 per mask. It's like buying the branded ones only you get to use this 15 times. You also get to use any moisturizer under this mask. I love the fresh feeling you get while using it and how it promotes better absorption of your chosen moisturizer. It also leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed after each use. The size also fits my face perfectly unlike my previous mask from Missha. It's scent free and didn't sting or cause skin irritation and pimple breakouts.

Overall, I believe this product truly delivers so I'll continue using it and repurchase in the future. I also recommend this to everyone who's interested in upgrading their skin care regimen without causing much burden on their finances. How about you? Have you tried any face masks lately? How was the experience? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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