Amazing Facial/Body Wash For Acne Prone Skin

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey everyone! Have you ever had products lying around unnoticed and untouched because you feel like they're no use, only to find out in the end how amazing they turn out? Well that's what I think of Johnson's baby bath and baby top-to-toe wash by Johnson & Johnson. My friends and I have been receiving countless samples of these bath products since we were in our first year of Pediatric training. I've given most of them to my relatives, friends and patients who have babies and some have gone missing in my stash of samples. So imagine my surprise when one of our speakers during this year's Philippine Pediatric Society Convention told us that they can be used
for pimple prone skin. 

Good thing we attended the luncheon symposium sponsored by J&J so we got several samples of their baby products. I was too excited to try them so I used the baby top-to-toe wash that evening.

Johnson's baby top-to-toe wash is translucent yellow in color and has a mild, fresh scent. The consistency is thinner than a regular shampoo so it spreads easily on your face and body. It doesn't build up too much lather but your skin feels really clean with a little tightness that doesn't look dry. After just a few days of use, I was able to see a difference on my blemish prone skin. I didn't break out during my period and one pimple didn't go full blown. My post acne marks seem to have lightened faster than the usual weeks to months of being noticeably dark.

Johnson's baby bath on the other hand is translucent blue and has a mild, powdery scent. The consistency and effects on the skin are similar with top-to-toe wash. Although the latter did a great job in cleansing my face and keeping it moisturized, Johnson's baby bath seemed better in keeping the skin's moisture, judging by the way my skin feels smooth and supple after every use. It didn't irritate my skin and it also prevented me from breaking out even during my period. My skin also had a more noticeable improvement when I started using this.

Value for your money:
Both Johnson's baby bath and top-to-toe wash retail for 44.25 Php per 100 ml bottle and you can save more if you buy the 200 ml bottle for 84.50 Php or the 500 ml bottle for 195.50 Php.

The verdict:
Overall, I am hooked to these baby products from J&J because they are effective in maintaining a healthy, moisturized and pimple free skin. I will definitely repurchase them because aside from being effective they are also way more affordable than the usual facial wash in the market. I definitely recommend them to those of you who are still on the look out for a good and affordable facial wash that works well even for sensitive and blemish prone skin.

"Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!"

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