BEN NYE: Banana Luxury Powder

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hey guys! This is just a flash review on a product I've been wanting to have, the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. I've been thinking a lot if this product will meet my expectations after reading and watching so many great reviews about it for the past couple of months. I wasn't really worried about the quality since there isn't a single bad review about it that I know of. I was actually more worried if it will match the color of my skin.

I've seen several different shades of Ben Nye swatches on line apart from Banana like Buff, Cameo and Beige Suede which is why I became quite confused on which shade to get. Although Banana is mostly recommended for Asians, their swatches tend to look too yellow for my liking. Good thing I went ahead with choosing it anyway because it really goes on almost unnoticed on my face!

I got the the medium tub (85 gm) and I have to agree with the others about the crappy packaging. Well it's not at all that bad looking but you'll see the problem once you try to dispense the powder. I tried sprinkling a little on the cap but it poured all over so you really need to be extra careful not to squeeze or tap the bottle too hard.

You may want to transfer it in a bigger powder container like the one I got from beabi a few years ago. It might still look like a mess but at least you have a wider area to dip your brush in and you can save most of it from spilling. 

Enough about the small stuff, you won't be too bothered by the container once you start using the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder. This powder is so fine and is virtually scent free. I love that it applied smoothly on my skin and how it looked natural and almost unnoticed. I feel like it instantly hid my pores and kept my face from looking greasy. It did cake a little towards the afternoon but it was hardly noticeable. I also love that It didn't cause me any skin reactions. I guess the only major downside to this is the expensive tag when you buy it from local online stores. This only retails for $16 or 656 Php when you buy them abroad but online sellers in Manila go as high as 1,050 Php which is roughly $26!

Overall, this product is to die for and I can confidently say that I will stick to it until a better one comes along. I do recommend it to all of you who still haven't tried it. Don't be too afraid of the shades you see on pictures because it doesn't come off that way if you use it sparingly and blend it evenly on your face. Although the price is a bit steep, the quality truly compensates for it.

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