Calvin Klein Nail Lacquers

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey guys! Since I got to borrow my cousin's Canon SLR a few months ago, I became trigger happy and took shots of everything in sight. I've always envied blogs that feature clear and crisp images and though I love my Ipad's camera, I still want to take quality images that SLR cameras can produce. I hope you enjoy the images for now and hopefully I can have more like these in my future entries.

Now on to the real subject of this post, nail lacquers. I'm really not a nail polish buff so I'm good with clean, trimmed and unpolished finger nails all the time. Same goes with my toe nails though I have them cleaned and polished once in a while especially on occasions when I need to have pedicured toe nails to go well with peep toe shoes or sandals. 

I don't usually splurge on nail polishes so imagine my delight when my loving relatives from Virginia threw in a set of Calvin Klein nail lacquers the last time they sent us gifts. They came in a transparent acrylic box which was too pretty to unseal so it took us a while before we decided to finally open it.

There were four bottles included in the set, a colorless base coat and 3 different shades of nail lacquers. The colors include golden honey and flirt. The 3rd shade is black and not in this image because we forgot all about it and it's probably stacked in my mom's closet still waiting to be discovered.

This is the base coat which I really love because the consistency stays perfect even after multiple use. It's clear, unscented, spreads effortlessly and dries really quick. You may use this alone for a natural finish or you may top it with any nail color you prefer. This can also double as a top coat because it dries fast and helps set your polish.

The shade golden honey has a pearly peach color and looks really nice on your toe nails. It's perfect for morena skin because the color seems to lighten your complexion. This is best for those who prefer subtle shades over solid colors.

I also love this shade in flirt which gives a gorgeous fiery red hue on your nails. It looks sophisticated and chic when worn with black pumps. I think it's a nice color for all skin tones because the color pops out in any back ground. 

Overall these Calvin Klein nail lacquers are to die for! The texture and consistency stay perfectly the same even after multiple use. The bottles are elegantly designed and the brushes are shaped just right for easy application. I also love that the colors included in this set are wearable and can be used by women of different skin tones. How about you? What colors do you prefer using? Feel free to share them here. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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