Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello everyone! I just want to share with you how excited I am for this coming week because I finally reserved a slot with Diet Diva. If you're not familiar with Diet Diva, it is a food delivery service that offers 3 main meals and a snack each day from Monday to Friday. What's really great about their service is that meals per day are set at 1,200 calories hence saving you the hassle of having to watch what you eat. 

I first heard of Diet Diva from a friend so I got a little curious and checked out their Facebook page and Instagram account. As I browsed through these sites and learned about them more, I couldn't help but think of how amazing this system is. You get not only a diet plan but freshly cooked meals as well delivered right to your doorstep! I find that this service is priced reasonably, not at all expensive but not cheap either. My meals for an entire day cost 380 Php including delivery charge within Q.C. It's most suitable for those who live alone or in dorms and can't prepare their own meals all the time. I also think it fits well with those who work away from home and are always bound to eat out or bring their lunch and snacks in the workplace. 

Image courtesy of Diet Diva
Since I recently went back to Zumba, this is the best time for me to subscribe to Diet Diva. Above image shows you their week long menu and I can't wait to start! I'm hopeful for good results and I'll be keeping you posted with what happens next. Wish me luck!

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